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Word Search Puzzles Help

CRpuzzles Word Search puzzles mesh large numbers of words and/or phrases with maximum letter intersection in a minimum-size grid. Words or phrases hidden in the grid can read forward, backward, up, down, or diagonally. Words always read in a straight line of consecutive letters, and there is never wrap-around. A shorter word may occur as part of a longer word, unless noted otherwise in the individual Word Search puzzle instructions. If a word appears more than once in a diagram, it will be counted only the first time it is found. A letter may occur as part of more than one word, but not all letters in the Word Search grid will be used in words.

CRpuzzles Word Search puzzles can be solved on-line using the computer mouse. To circle a word, click-and-drag from one end of the word to the other, then release the button. While the click-and-drag continues, the letters to be included in a word will be circled in red. If a word is correctly circled, and is on our official word list, the circle will turn black and the word will be counted. Words may be circled in first-to-last or last-to-first letter order.

Solvers can choose one of three options for on-line solving:

  1. Found -- the word list is not given, and words appear in the word list window as they are found. This is the default option and is the most difficult solving level;
  2. Remaining -- the word list is given in the word list window, and words disappear as they are found; or
  3. All -- the word list is given, and words are crossed out as they are found.

For the latter two options, it may be necessary to use the scroll bar to view all the words when a large number are used in a puzzle. Solvers can switch from one solving option to another at any time.

For solvers who prefer to work on CRpuzzles Word Search puzzles at their off-line leisure, two print options are available: to print a puzzle without the word list, print from the Interactive Word Search puzzle page (the printed puzzle will be compact, however); to print a puzzle with the complete word list (or to get a larger version of the diagram), go to the printable Word Search page and print. Copyright © 2000 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.