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Word Mine Puzzles

The objective in CRpuzzles' Word Mine is to anagram as many 4- and 5-letter words as possible using the letters in the puzzle master word or phrase. A letter may be used to form a new word only as many times as it appears in the master. The official Word Mine puzzle word list is composed of common words; words not eligible are those beginning with a capital letter, plurals, present-tense verbs ending in "S" ("sees," for example), contractions, and hyphenated words. CRpuzzles' Java computer tool will track the number of words on the official list as the solver anagrams them.

(Haven't "mined" enough words today? Then click to go to the daily
Word Mine Puzzle at All-Star Puzzles.)

  • Maple Syrup
    Pancakes need topping, and 71 4- and 50 5-letter words of MAPLE SYRUP go perfectly.

  • Pancakes
    PANCAKES for breakfast and a Word Mine of 23 4-long and 12 5-long words start the day out right.

  • Houston, Texas
    Visit HOUSTON, TEXAS and find 61 and 34 words of lengths 4 and 5.

  • Peter Pan
    Fly through this Word Mine of 34 and 7 4-long and 5-long words made from PETER PAN--then celebrate with a peanut butter sandwich.

  • Larry King Live
    He does a great interview, and we salute Larry King with this puzzle of 81 4-letter and 67 5-letter words anagrammable from LARRY KING LIVE.

  • Foolhardy
    Throw caution to the winds and find 29 4- and 14 5-long words in FOOLHARDY.

  • Plodded Along
    If you just PLODDED ALONG you'd eventually anagram 72 and 33 4- and 5-letter words from the phrase.

  • Vigilance
    Strict VIGILANCE will reward the solver with 33 4-long and 23 5-long words.

  • Gomer Pyle, USMC
    Shazam! A Word Mine Challenger of 114 4-letter and 78 5-letter words that can be anagrammed from GOMER PYLE, USMC.

  • Earmuffs
    You won't need them much longer, so make 21 and 6 4- and 5-long words from EARMUFFS while you're still wearing them.

  • Baked Potato
    A meal in itself, the BAKED POTATO is stuffed with 34 4- and 14 5-long words.

  • Peace of Mind
    You'll have plenty of PEACE OF MIND after solving this Word Mine of 90 4-letter and 45 5-letter words.

  • Excalibur
    Slice through this Word Mine of 42 4- and 19 5-long words anagrammed from EXCALIBUR.

  • Sweethearts
    In honor of Valentine's Day today, let us call you SWEETHEARTS in 44 4-letter and 48 5-letter words.

  • Snowboarding
    SNOWBOARDING is a very exciting sport. For those desiring a little less thrill, CRpuzzles offers this puzzle of 78 and 52 4-long and 5-long words.

  • Meter Maid
    If you don't put 58 4- and 33 5-letter words into the parking meter, the METER MAID will write you a ticket.

  • Charismatic
    The solver will be drawn to this Word Mine of 33 4-long and 21 5-long words derived from CHARISMATIC.

  • Chef Boy-Ar-Dee
    While you're cooking up 85 and 64 4- and 5-letter words from CHEF BOY-AR-DEE, enjoy a can of cheese ravioli.

  • Hors D'Ouevres
    A snack by any other name means 45 4-long and 33 5-long words made from HORS D'OUEVRES.

  • Mrs. Doubtfire
    Robin Williams stars in the Word Mine Challenger for January, 2002, as MRS. DOUBTFIRE--can you make 124 4-letter and 89 5-letter words from the title character's name?

  • Irving Berlin
    Irving Berlin favored us with so many great songs that we say God Bless IRVING BERLIN with this 26 4-long and 16 5-long word puzzle.

  • Below Freezing
    It's BELOW FREEZING in much of the U. S., and CRpuzzles is no exception (actually it's 72 in San Diego, but we don't want to rub it in). Warm up by making 93 and 70 4- and 5-letter words from the phrase.

  • Amsterdam
    AMSTERDAM, city of canals and tulips, of Rembrandt and Anne Frank, of 37 4-letter and 18 5-letter words.

  • Camaraderie
    Solvers can build great CAMARADERIE by making 44 4- and 35 5-long words in this puzzle.

  • Grape Nuts
    Love those little hard pellets that get in your tummy and lie there. You'll love anagramming 83 4-letter and 50 5-letter words from GRAPE NUTS.

  • Tony Blair
    CRpuzzles salutes America's friends with this Word Mine of 50 4-long and 26 5-long words made from TONY BLAIR.

  • Death Valley
    Ronald Reagan used to host "Death Valley Days." We host "DEATH VALLEY Word Mine," with 38 and 27 4-letter and 5-letter words.

  • Cherry Cheesecake
    Ummm Ummm Good! Our favorite dessert becomes the solvers' snack: anagram 42 and 27 4- and 5-letter words from CHERRY CHEESECAKE.

  • Tijuana, Mexico
    "South of the Border," you can have a good time exploring San Diego's neighbor. Or, you can enjoy finding 69 4-long and 34 5-long words from the letters in TIJUANA, MEXICO.

  • Destiny's Child
    "Get on the Bus" and anagram 74 4-letter and 48 5-letter words from the hot R&B group's name.

  • San Diego Zoo
    When you visit southern California, see the world famous San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park in Escondido, not only for their great animal adventures, but also for their beautiful botanical gardens. Meanwhile, enjoy the adventure of making 39 4-letter and 23 5-letter words from SAN DIEGO ZOO.

  • Asparagus Tips
    Enjoy a tasty vegetable and a tasty Word Mine puzzle: anagram 34 4-long and 15 5-long words from ASPARAGUS TIPS.

  • Father Time
    Father Time has taken away 2001 and given us a brand new beginning. Begin 2002 by making 67 and 35 4- and 5-letter words from FATHER TIME.

  • Musical Chairs
    Who will be left sitting after anagramming 53 4-long and 33 5-long words from MUSICAL CHAIRS.

  • Drew Carey
    He's goofy but we like him. It would be funny to find 34 and 23 4- and 5-letter words in DREW CAREY.

  • Mr. Potato Head
    If you got a MR. POTATO HEAD for Christmas, enjoy. If not, enjoy making 121 4-long and 72 5-long words from the classic toy's name.

  • Silent Night
    We conclude caroling week with the most famous of all: SILENT NIGHT. Can you anagram 37 and 30 4- and 5-letter words from the wonderful carol?

  • Boughs of Holly
    "Deck the Halls," with what? BOUGHS OF HOLLY, of course, and the 35 4- and 19 5-long words that can be made from the phrase.

  • Deck the Halls
    CRpuzzles celebrates the season with a week of caroling, as we DECK THE HALLS with 86 4-letter and 69 4-letter words.

  • J. R. R. Tolkien
    In anticipation of next week's release of The Lord of the Rings movie, CRpuzzles says "Go, Frodo, Go" with this puzzle of 46 4-long and 23 5-long words made from J.R.R. TOLKIEN.

  • Nuts and Bolts
    You can get into the NUTS AND BOLTS of Word Mines with this 68 and 32 4- and 5-letter word tester.

  • John Madden
    Sunday football is fun-day football with his colorful color commentary. Can you draw 29 4- and 11 5-long words from JOHN MADDEN?

  • Quoth the Raven
    ... Nevermore than 75 4-letter and 59 5-letter words can be found.

  • Spontaneous
    You can get many of the 68 and 22 4-letter and 5-letter words in this Word Mine with your first reactions.

  • Economics
    ... makes for an economical puzzle of 17 and 10 4- and 5-long words.

  • Tablespoon
    CRpuzzles Word Mine Challenger for November is a dose of difficulty: 115 4-letter and 57 5-letter words measured from TABLESPOON.

  • Background
    You can move to the foreground if you anagram 61 4-letter and 28 5-letter words from BACKGROUND.

  • Hot Wheels
    New toys come and go, but Mattel's little metal vehicles go on and on. Can you mold 24 4-long and 16 5-long words from the letters in HOT WHEELS?

  • Rear Admiral
    We salute an officer and a gentleman with 52 and 22 4-letter and 5-letter words anagrammed from REAR ADMIRAL.

  • Goal Line
    To cross the GOAL LINE in this puzzle, the solver has to anagram 22 4-long and 10 5-long words from the Keyword.

  • Plymouth Rock
    CRpuzzles celebrates Thanksgiving with this Word Mine of 84 4- and 53 5-long words made from the Pilgrims' landing place in America.

  • Harry Potter
    Today's the day. The long-anticipated film of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone hits theaters. CRpuzzles suggests you solve this Word Mine Puzzle of 61 and 37 4- and 5-letter words and wait for the lines to shorten.

  • Enchilada
    Whether you have it with chicken or with cheese, you can make 47 4-letter and 23 5-letter common words from ENCHILADA.

  • Tight Squeeze
    It shouldn't be too tight a squeeze to squeeze 20 4- and 18 5-letter words from TIGHT SQUEEZE.

  • Mighty Ducks
    Ice hockey has returned for the 2001-2 season and so have the MIGHTY DUCKS; can you score a goal by anagramming 51 4-letter and 29 5-letter words from the team's name.

  • Forehead
    Rub your FOREHEAD until you find 31 4-letter and 11 5-letter words.

  • Kevin Spacey
    Catch American Beauty Oscar-winner KEVIN SPACEY in his new movie K-PAX, then catch 71 and 40 4- and 5-long words in his name.

  • Longwinded
    Make short work of this puzzle of 42 and 27 4- and 5-letter words made from LONGWINDED.

    No kidding, folks, this spotless Word Mine puzzle of 25 4- and 15 5-long words anagrammed from USED CARS has only been test solved by a little old lady from Tulsa.

  • Jack O' Lantern
    What would Halloween be without a JACK O'LANTERN, and what would October be without CRpuzzles' 91 4-letter and 64 5-letter words Challenger of the month?

  • Serendipity
    It won't be serendipitous for you to discover 77 4-long and 66 5-long words in the letters of SERENDIPITY.

  • Cosmo Kramer
    Michael Richards still makes us laugh as the irrepressible Cosmo Kramer on "Seinfeld" reruns, and COSMO KRAMER makes 52 4-long and 22 5-long words.

  • Incredible
    "That's what you are"--when you find 38 and 29 4- and 5-letter words in INCREDIBLE.

  • American Flag
    CRpuzzles waves the Stars and Stripes and salutes the heroes of September 11 with this puzzle of 99 and 75 4- and 5-long words.

  • Rush Hour Two
    Lighten up with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2 and with this Word Mine of 24 4-letter and 14 5-letter words.

  • The Practice
    We recommend making watching the top-notch drama "The Practice" a regular practice. We also recommend making solving Word Mine puzzles, like this one of 67 4-letter and 62 5-letter words anagrammed from the series' title, a regular practice

  • Discovery
    We honor Christopher Columbus on his day with this puzzle of 33 and 25 4-long and 5-long words found in DISCOVERY.

  • Autumn Leaves
    Is anything more exhilarating than beautiful AUTUMN LEAVES rustling in a crisp fall breeze? (And dropping 82 4- and 49 5-long words to the ground.)

  • Barry Bonds
    CRpuzzles tips its cap to the new Home Run King, BARRY BONDS. The 43 words (28 4-long and 15 5-long) in today's Word Mine fall far short of the fantastic 73 four-baggers the Giants slugger hit this season.

  • Best of All
    Best of all, you'll feel successful when you anagram 64 and 26 4- and 5-long words from BEST OF ALL.

  • Xylophone
    Play a tune of 29 4-long and 10 5-long words on your XYLOPHONE.

  • A Little Knowledge
    ... is a dangerous thing, but a lot of knowledge of words will be an asset in attempting the September Word Mine Challenger of 188 words of length 4 and 118 of length 5 derived from A LIITLE KNOWLEDGE.

  • Joe Palooka, Boxer
    He was World Champion of the comics and now he is World Champion of the puzzles with 80 4-long and 35 5-long words punched from JOE PALOOKA, BOXER.

  • Guarantee
    We guarantee that you'll make 33 and 22 4- and 5-letter words from GUARANTEE in no time at all or we will refund your money.

  • Straight Razor
    Not many men use one today, and not many words, 35 4-long and 30 5-long, can be anagrammed from the letters in STRAIGHT RAZOR.

  • Solar System
    Find 92 4-letter and 60 5-letter words in the vast reaches of SOLAR SYSTEM, then visit to find neat facts about the planets and moons.

  • Elvis Presley
    The CRpuzzles Word Mine solver won't be lonesome tonight rocking and rolling 42 4-letter and 27 5-letter words from the King's name.

  • Buffalo Bills
    Help the other New York team reach the Super Bowl by finding 32 4-letter and 6 5-letter words in BUFFALO BILLS.

  • Quintessential
    CRpuzzles presents the QUINTESSENTIAL Word Mine Puzzle-- an even dozen, 66, 4-letter and an even dozen, 66, 5-letter words found in the letters of the keyword.

  • Woody Woodpecker
    "Guess Who?!!" Yes, it's that wacky red-headed bird. Can you get 70 and 51 4- and 5-letter word from WOODY WOODPECKER before he turns you into a blathering Wally Walrus?

  • September
    September is a favorite month for CRpuzzles: cooler weather, football Friday nights, and a new TV season. The only thing missing are the 24 and 14 4- and 5-long words that can be made from SEPTEMBER.

  • Spell It Out
    Spell out the 59 4-letter and 30 5-letter words that can be made from SPELL IT OUT.

  • Raggedy Ann
    A freckled face under a mop of red hair could only be RAGGEDY ANN with her 33 and 14 4- and 5-long words for today's Word Mine puzzle.

  • Today Is Labor Day
    TODAY IS LABOR DAY, 2001, so take some of your time off to work 101 4-letter and 73 5-letter words from the keyword phrase.

  • Social Security
    Let's hope anagramming the August Word Mine Challenger into 147 4-long and 135 5-long words won't take so long the solver will be on SOCIAL SECURITY when he's done--or worse, if on, off.

  • Puzzles Equal Fun
    ... and here PUZZLES EQUAL FUN-ding 54 4-letter and 25 5-letter words in the keyword phrase.

  • West Side Story
    "There's a place for" Maria and Tony right here, deriving 69 and 67 4-long and 5-long words from the great Braodway musical before Officer Krupke finds his handcuffs.

  • Hide and Seek
    There are 47 and 31 4- and 5-letter words playing HIDE AND SEEK with the solver in today's Word Mine puzzle.

  • Watermelon
    Slice off a piece of that Summertime treat, WATERMELON, seeded with 96 words of length 4 and 50 of length 5.

  • Traffic Jams
    Next time you're in one of those freeway TRAFFIC JAMS, make 31 4-long and 12 5-long words out of it.

  • Washing Machine
    Clean up with 80 4-letter and 45 5-letter words anagrammed from WASHING MACHINE.

  • Fly Me to the Moon
    ... and let me play among the 56 and 33 words of lengths 4 and 5 in today's puzzle.

  • A King's Ransom
    It won't cost A KING'S RANSOM of your time to anagram 48 and 30 4- and 5-long words from today's phrase.

  • Austin Powers
    Yeah, Baby! Shag until you drop all 181 4-letter and 144 5-letter words from our Man of Mystery in July's Word Mine Puzzle Challenger.

  • Boston Red Sox
    Will this be the summer the Bosox get to the World Series? Hit one over the Green Monster by scoring 57 4-long and 37 5-long words from BOSTON RED SOX.

  • Quotation Marks
    Put "" around 106 4-letter and 77 5-letter words formed from QUOTATION MARKS.

  • Goody Two-Shoes
    We'll just call you good if you get 27 4- and 21 5-long words from GOODY TWO-SHOES.

  • Alice Springs
    First go to the middle of nowhere, then drive another 100 miles and you'll be in Alice Springs, practically the only civilization in a 1,000 miles of Outback. If you need something civilized to do in the middle of a hot day, anagram 104 and 105 4- and 5-letter words from ALICE SPRINGS.

  • Pinocchio's Nose
    PINOCCHIO'S NOSE grows and grows, as does the Word Mine solver's confidence after finding the 42 4-long and 31 5-long words in today's puzzle.

  • Kathleen Turner
    From Romancing the Stone through Peggy Sue Got Married and Serial Mom, we've loved her work; now the solver can work on 85 4- and 47 5-long words derived from KATHLEEN TURNER.

  • Driver's License
    You can pass this test of 56 4-letter and 64 5-letter words and get your Word Mine DRIVER'S LICENSE.

  • Stars & Stripes
    Have a Happy 4th of July with our red, white, & blue Word Mine of 48 4-letter and 37 5-letter words made from STARS & STRIPES.

  • Anchors Aweigh
    Go Navy! set sail with CRpuzzles' June Word Mine Challenger: we have found 131 4-letter and 120 5-letter words in "ANCHORS AWEIGH."

  • Ferris Wheel
    Ride this enduring carnival favorite and find the 36 4-long and 28 5-long words anagrammed from FERRIS WHEEL.

  • Pork Barbecue
    Dish up 73 and 39 4- and 5-letter words with your PORK BARBECUE.

  • Moe, Larry, Curly
    "Oh, yeah, take that!" "Bonk!" The Three Stooges will always be the slaphappy kings of slapstick, and CRpuzzles pokes fingers in your eyes with 65 4-letter and 47 5-letter words in honor of MOE, LARRY, CURLY.

  • Scuba Divers
    Scuba diving is fantastic way to see a whole different world--or stay dry and dive into this puzzle of 81 4-long and 64 5-long words anagrammed from SCUBA DIVERS.

  • Krispy Kremes
    CRpuzzles eds. can't resist these sugary delights, so we tempt the solver with a Word Mine puzzle of 34 4-letter and 23 5-letter words made from KRISPY KREMES.

  • Sleepy Hollow
    With visions of delightful summer days--blue skies, a babbling brook, birds singing--and that horrid Headless Horseman nowhere in sight, we have anagrammed 50 and 25 4- and 5-long words from SLEEPY HOLLOW.

  • The Mummy Returns
    Great special effects make The Mummy Returns, now in theaters everywhere, a must-see movie. Then you can unwrap 56 4-letter and 60 5-letter words from the title letters.

  • Boardwalk
    In this half of CRpuzzles Word Mine Daily Double, tread the famous Atlantic City BOARDWALK, where you'll find 25 4-long and 8 5-long words.

  • Atlantic City
    In this half of our Word Mine Daily Double, find great beaches, great entertainment, and 15 and 16 4- and 5-letter words in ATLANTIC CITY.

  • Wedding Cake
    The June Bride and Groom stand atop the WEDDING CAKE, iced with 58 4-long and 30 5-long words.

  • Mister Sandman
    "Send me a dream" of 115 4-letter and 85 5-letter words anagrammed from MISTER SANDMAN in our May Challenger Word Mine.

  • Grand Canyon
    For an experience you'll never forget, ride a mule down into Arizona's greatest spectacle. For 1/100 the excitement, try to find the 21 and 20 4- and 5-long words made from GRAND CANYON.

  • Memorial Day
    CRpuzzles celebrates MEMORIAL DAY, 2001, with this puzzle of 84 4-letter and 48 5-letter words.

  • Lemonade
    Wash all that picnic food down with LEMONADE and a Word Mine of 40 4-long and 17 5-long words.

  • Baked Beans
    No picnic is complete without BAKED BEANS and the 31 and 14 words of lengths 4 and 5 in the sauce.

  • Hamburgers
    We start CRpuzzles Word Mine Picnic Week with 52 4-letter and 30 5-letter words grilled from HAMBURGER.

  • Gladiator
    Enter the Colisseum where 46 and 13 4- and 5-long words made from the Oscar-winner await the GLADIATOR

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro
    68 4-letter and 25 5-letter words "peak" through the clouds of MT. KILIMANJARO.

  • See No Evil
    The solver will see evil among the 25 4- and 8 5-long words in SEE NO EVIL.

  • Laverne & Shirley
    "Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer ..." You won't find those words among the 93 4-long and 88 5-long words we anagrammed from "LAVERNE & SHIRLEY."

  • Harrison Ford
    Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Jack Ryan--he thrilled us by making them real, and now HARRISON FORD thrills us in this Word Mine of 40 and 19 words of lengths 4 and 5.

  • Main Street
    Every town has one, Sinclair Lewis had a great one, and CRpuzzles has 74 4- and 58 5-letter words in its MAIN STREET.

  • Keyboard
    Use your computer peripheral to enter the 34 4-letter and 23 5-letter words we derived from KEYBOARD.

  • Apple Blossom
    "I'll be with you, In Apple Blossom time" at the 74th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, VA, from May 2-May 6, 2001. Meanwhile, Rome-ing around munching a Big McIntosh, we made a Delicious puzzle of 72 4- and 30 5-long words from APPLE BLOSSOM.

  • Riverdance
    Michael Flatley and company dance up a storm on stage. On the CRpuzzles stage, 55 4-long and 48 5-long words fast step in the letters of RIVERDANCE.

  • Charles Dickens
    175 4-letter and 164 5-letter words anagrammed from CHARLES DICKENS make this Word Mine Challenger for April a "dickens" of a puzzle.

  • Baseball Hall of Fame
    We found 79 4- and 33 5-letter words on our visit to the BASEBALL HALL OF FAME. We hope someday you'll visit the shrine to America's pastime in Cooperstown, N. Y.

  • Frozen Foods
    While we were in the FROZEN FOODS section, we picked up 28 and 14 4- and 5-long words.

  • Orange Julius
    Next time you're at the mall, enjoy one of their tasty orange or berry blends. In the meantime, enjoy this Word Mine of 97 4-letter and 79 5-letter words anagrammed from ORANGE JULIUS.

  • Mont Blanc
    Climbing this MONT BLANC won't be too difficult: we made 29 4-long and 8 5-long words from the letters in the Alpine peak.

  • Yankee Girl
    CRpuzzles touts tulip time with the 59 4- and 46 5-letter words made from the gorgeous YANKEE GIRL.

  • Emeril Lagasse
    We love watching him cook, so we cooked up this puzzle of 67 4-letter and 49 5-letter words anagrammed from EMERIL LAGASSE.

  • Library Card
    Use your LIBRARY CARD and check out this 31 4- and 14 5-long Word Mine.

  • Disneyland
    We're going to DISNEYLAND for this puzzle of 45 4-long and 30 5-long words.

  • Copernicus
    We conclude Space Week with our 100th Word Mine puzzle of 48 4-letter and 47 5-letter words made from COPERNICUS. The great astronomer got most of it right when it was safer to have it all wrong.

  • April Love
    "April Love is for the very young," sang Pat Boone. But APRIL LOVE is for everybody, and so is this word mine of 51 4- and 24 5-long words.

  • Cal Ripken, Jr.
    We celebrate a new baseball season and the return of the Baltimore Orioles' Ironman by anagramming 83 4-letter and 44 5-letter words from CAL RIPKEN, JR.

  • Lost in Space
    You won't be LOST IN SPACE, but you'll be lost to the world for some time solving this Word Mine of 150 4-letter and 112 5-letter words.

  • Flat Tire
    AAA can't help with this FLAT TIRE of 40 4- and 26 5-long words.

  • Mister Ed
    "Willlburrr!" A horse is a horse, of course, of course. And a puzzle is a puzzle--unless it's a Word Mine of 41 and 23 words of lengths 4 and 5 from the letters in MISTER ED.

  • Escalator
    We go Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down to anagram 58 and 39 4- and 5-long words from ESCALATOR.

  • Captain Kangaroo
    CRpuzzles tips its cap to TV's consummate children's entertainer with this Word Mine of 79 4-long and 50 5-long words anagrammed from CAPTAIN KANGAROO.

  • Saxophones
    With the smooth strains of Kenny G in the background, let's play our way to 33 4-letter and 11 5-letter words made from SAXOPHONES.

  • Empire State
    Not just the Big Apple but the whole EMPIRE STATE goes into this tough Word Mine puzzle of 86 4- and 59 5-letter words.

  • Double Down
    DOUBLE DOWN for a double payoff when you finish this puzzle of 39 and 23 4- and 5-long words.

  • The Joke's On You
    Just kidding! This medium Word Mine of 54 4-long and 33 5-long words is serious stuff. Just kidding!

  • Bart Simpson
    "Don't have a cow, man" while you try to anagram 81 4-letter and 53 5-letter words from TV's enfant terrible, BART SIMPSON. "Aye Carumba."

  • Genghis Khan
    This Word Mine of 25 and 17 4-long and 5-long words anagrammed from GENGHIS KHAN should be easy to conquer.

  • Spring Training
    Spring training for big league baseball players and SPRING TRAINING for Word Mine solvers: 46 common 4-letter and 21 common 5-letter words found in the keyword phrase.

  • Principles
    If you have PRINCIPLES, you have 25 4-letter and 20 5-letter words.

  • Downhill Skier
    Before the 2000-01 skiing season ends, we run a giant slalom through DOWNHILL SKIER to find 125 4- and 96 5-long words.

  • Lake Huron
    If you take this Great Lake you can make 47 4-letter and rake 9 5-letter words from it.

  • World Almanac
    The WORLD ALMANAC is a terrific resource for finding things--like 52 4- and 29 5-long words.

  • San Francisco
    Open your Golden Gate and give us 19 4-letter and 17 5-letter words.

  • Geo. Washington
    We cannot tell a lie. CRpuzzles celebrates Presidents' Day by chopping GEO. WASHINGTON into 103 4- and 70 5-letter words.

  • Who's Next In Line?
    The solver doesn't have to take a number to anagram 82 and 55 4-long and 5-long words from WHO'S NEXT IN LINE?

  • Cannery Row
    A walk down John Steinbeck's CANNERY ROW will net 37 4-letter and 25 5-letter words.

  • A Dozen Roses
    Hint time, husbands. A DOZEN ROSES make 44 4-long and 31 5-long words today and a smiling wife tomorrow.

  • Britney Spears
    Oops! CRpuzzles does it again, concluding Word Mine Pop Music Week with a huge concert of 123 and 114 4- and 5-letters words from BRITNEY SPEARS

  • Purple Rain
    CRpuzzles salutes pop music innovator Prince with 50 4- and 28 5-long words made from the letters in "PURPLE RAIN".

  • Aerosmith
    In the first puzzle of Word Mine Pop Music Week, we anagram 80 4-letter and 48 5-letter words from those enduring screamers AEROSMITH.

  • Punxsutawney
    Celebrate Groundhog Day with a trip to PUNXSUTAWNEY and find 58 4- and 25 5-letter words holed up in Phil's home town. If Phil sees his shadow, bundle up. And if you see Bill Murray, say, "Hello," and "Hello," and "Hello," and ...

  • Food For Thought
    Today's Word Mine Puzzle is real FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Nourish the mind by milking 37 4-letter words and 17 5-letter words from the phrase.

  • Magazine Cover
    You'll belong on the cover of CRpuzzles on-line puzzle magazine if you anagram the 94 and 81 4-long and 5-long words from MAGAZINE COVER. That's belong, not be.

  • Cat's Cradle
    Can you loop the letters in Kurt Vonnegut's classic novel to string together 50 4- and 44 5-letter words?

  • Don Quixote
    Tilt at windmills. Reach the unreachable star. Be quixotic and find 28 4-letter and 17 5-letter words in The Man of La Mancha's name.

  • Major General
    The solver will command 3 stars by anagramming 60 and 43 4- and 5-long words from MAJOR GENERAL--and that will earn a promotion to Lieutenant General of Word Mine Puzzles.

  • Pop-Up Toaster
    Don't get burnt, pita little muffin. Slice 82 4-letter and 59 5-letter words from POP-UP TOASTER.

  • Ricky Martin
    You'll be "Livin' La Vida Loca" when you anagram 39 4- and 15 5-letter words from RICKY MARTIN.

  • World Wide Web
    Search the WORLD WIDE WEB to find 50 4-long and 40 5-long words among its letters.

  • Alpine Lodge
    On your next ski trip, pass an evening in front of the fire with this hard puzzle of 94 4-long and 55 5-long words anagrammed from ALPINE LODGE.

  • Word Mine
    A Word Mine Puzzle made from Word Mine. We found 42 4- and 21 5-long common words using the letters in WORD MINE.

  • Joker's Wild
    Not a game of poker, not the TV game show--the Word Mine game of 58 4-letter and 34 5-letter words found in JOKER'S WILD.

  • The Big Bopper
    More than "Chantilly lace, and a pretty face" is needed to find the 45 4- and 33 5-long words anagrammed from THE BIG BOPPER.

  • N'Djamena, Chad
    We've had Hanging Chads and Pregnant Chads, but until now we've never had an N'DJAMENA, CHAD. Can you find the 23 4-letter and 11 5-letter words made from the letters in the African nation's and its capital's names?

  • Auld Lang Syne
    CRpuzzles toasts 2001 with 63 4- and 35 5-letter words anagrammed from "AULD LANG SYNE."

  • Father Time
    Here he comes to peel away page 2000 from Earth's endless calendar. Can you peel 61 4- and 30 5-letter words from FATHER TIME?

  • Brooklyn Bridge
    An end of the year toughie: cross over into Manhattan to collect 120 4-letter and 104 5-letter words made from BROOKLYN BRIDGE.

  • Ebenezer Scrooge
    CRpuzzles hopes you wake up on this morning with the same joy Dickens' immortal character does. Celebrate with this puzzle of 34 4-long and 30 5-long words anagrammed from EBENEZER SCROOGE.

  • Silent Night
    A Christmas Carol favorite gives us a 36 and 29 4- and 5-letter Word Mine.

  • Hank Williams
    HANK WILLIAMS "Saw the Light" and gave us "Your Cheatin' Heart" and "Lovesick Blues." Can you see the 51 4-letter and 20 5-letter words all "Jambalaya"-ed up in the Country Music legend's name?

  • Brussels Sprouts
    You may not like BRUSSELS SPROUTS but you'll like this puzzle of 82 4- and 53 5-letter words made from the letters in the veggie's name.

  • Girl Scout
    No cookies, just 40 4-long and 15 5-long words made from the letters in GIRL SCOUT.

  • Practical Joke
    CRpuzzles's idea of a PRACTICAL JOKE is to loose this wicked--136 4-letter and 79 5-letter--Word Mine Puzzle on the unsuspecting solver. Get all the words and the joke's on us.

  • Dutch Treat
    Let's make a date: we'll treat you to this Word Mine Puzzle and you bring 47 4- and 38 5-letter words anagrammed from DUTCH TREAT.

  • Cellular Phone
    It's everywhere you look: cars, malls, the ball game, the ballet. CRpuzzles has turned its annoyance with the CELLULAR PHONE into an 114 4-letter and 83 5-letter Challenger Word Mine puzzle that should annoy even the experienced solver.

  • Pearl Jam
    "Light Years" since 1992's "Jeremy," PEARL JAM remains unique. We've found 24 and 6 unique 4- and 5-long words by anagramming the letters in the band's name.

  • Blackbirds
    Four and twenty blackbirds may have been baked into a pie, but 49 4-letter and 12 5-letter words are baked into BLACKBIRDS.

  • Tom Cruise
    Through all the Risky Business of being a Top Gun to looking for A Few Good Men and finding one in Jerry Maguire, Tom Cruise has totally entertained us. And there's more fun to come--in this Word Mine of 60 4-letter and 36 5-letter words anagrammed from TOM CRUISE.

  • Personal Foul
    Basketball season is bouncing in again, but CRpuzzles won't whistle the solver for charging into this Word Mine of 115 4-long words and 69 5-long words made from PERSONAL FOUL.

  • Mom's Apple Pie
    CRpuzzles editors always enjoy MOM'S APPLE PIE. You can enjoy it too by deriving 62 4-letter and 21 5-letter words from the phrase.

  • Fifth Avenue
    The Christmas Shopping Season is officially on! And what better place to start than by buying 40 words at 4 and 17 words at 5 letters each on FIFTH AVENUE?

  • Mayflower
    The Pilgrims braved the Atlantic in their small craft and celebrated our first Thanksgiving. Will you brave the waves to anagram 51 and 26 4-long and 5-long words from MAYFLOWER?

    Besides good medical information, the solver can get 23 4-long and 3 5-long words from DRKOOP.COM. We just like the name of this web site.

  • Hospital Gown
    Has there ever been anything as utterly useless as a Hospital Gown? Well, CRpuzzles has finally found the one worthwhile use: we made a Challenger Word Mine Puzzle of 156 and 76 4- and 5-letter words from the phrase. And you won't be at all embarrassed to be in this HOSPITAL GOWN.

  • Silicon Valley
    The excitement of the Technological Revolution energizes this puzzle of 87 4-letter and 56 5-letter words anagrammed from SILICON VALLEY.

  • Winnie the Pooh
    In today's Word Mine Puzzle, A. A. Milne's children's classic WINNIE THE POOH provides the letters to make 43 4- and 14 5-long words.

  • Steam Iron
    If you press hard, you can derive the 90 4-long and 60 5-long words in the CRpuzzles Dictionary that can be made from the letters in STEAM IRON.

  • Mr. President
    We will soon be addressing ------ ---- as MR. PRESIDENT. In the meantime, let's anagram 86 4- and 72 5-letter from the letters in the phrase.

  • Quicksilver
    This puzzle of 33 4-letter and 16 5-letter words mined from QUICKSILVER can be solved at mercurial speed.

  • U. S. Senator
    Next Tuesday, a third of the country will elect a United States Senator. Today, this Word Mine puzzle bills 54 and 30 4- and 5-long words made by anagramming U. S. SENATOR.

  • Masquerade
    On Halloween, unmask the CRpuzzles Trick or Treater by anagramming 34 4- and 16 5-letter words from MASQUERADE.

  • West Point
    A long line of 49 4- and 22 5-letter words salutes WEST POINT and the traditional "Long Gray Line."

  • Air Force One
    This Word Mine Puzzle of 39 4-long and 23 5-long words flies the solvers way on AIR FORCE ONE.

  • This Old House
    Those of us who can't hammer a nail straight are always in awe watching PBS's long-running "THIS OLD HOUSE"--which we remodeled into 82 4- and 42 5-letter words.

  • Fighting Irish
    The "Notre Dame Fight Song" is synonymous with autumn Saturday afternoons; and whether you're a FIGHTING IRISH fan or not, you'll cheer when you finish this puzzle of 21 and 15 four- and five-letter words.

  • Beatrix Potter
    PETER and 35 other 5-long words, as well as 62 4-long words, can be anagrammed from BEATRIX POTTER, the creator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and other wonderful stories for children.

  • World Atlas
    Thousands of places can be found in a WORLD ATLAS--and 41 4-letter and 19 5-letter words can be found in WORLD ATLAS.

  • Gummy Bears
    You can chew and chew and never quite get through with GUMMY BEARS, but you can get through this Word Mine Puzzle by finding the 39 4- and 22 5-long words that can be anagrammed from the chewy sweet.

  • King of Clubs
    People always talk about the King of Hearts or the King of Spades or even the King of Diamonds, but hardly ever about the KING OF CLUBS. So CRpuzzles is giving the forgotten card its long past due with this Word Mine of 62 and 29 4- and 5-letter words.

  • X-Ray Vision
    The solver won't need Superman's X-RAY VISION to see the 17 4- and 11 5-long words in this puzzle.

  • Chrysanthemum
    The showy fall flower puts on a big display in today's Word Mine Puzzle: 126 4-Letter and 101 5-Letter words can be anagrammed from the letters in CHRYSANTHEMUM.

  • Tortilla Flat
    With this puzzle of 41 4-letter words and 22 5-letter words derived from TORTILLA FLAT, CRpuzzles fondly recalls John Steinbeck's way with words .

  • Roller Blades
    The Word Mine solver won't speed-skate through this puzzle of 81 4- and 53 5-long words anagrammed from ROLLER BLADES.

  • Italian Ice
    This Word Mine Puzzle of 28 4-letter and 12 5-letter words will be a cool treat to solve.

  • Jumping Jack
    Let's jump right through the weekend into October with this easier puzzle of 24 and 10 4- and 5-long words.

  • New York City
    Take a bite of The Big Apple with this Word Mine with 70 4- and 27 5-long answers.

  • Pickle & Pimento
    Make a hero of a sandwich out of PICKLE & PIMENTO--114 4-letter and 36 5-letter words can be anagrammed from the letters in the lunch meat.

  • James Bond
    "Bond, JAMES BOND" provides more than 007 anagrams: there are 42 and 16 4- and 5-letter words that can be made using the letters in the famed spy's name.

  • Stocks & Bonds
    The solver won't lose any money getting the 22 words of length 4 and 7 words of length 5 from STOCKS & BONDS.

  • Rocket Science
    Solving Word Mine puzzles may not be ROCKET SCIENCE, but getting the 71 4-letter and 61 5-letter words won't be a kite flight either.

  • World Champ
    The USA will have a WORLD CHAMP or two in the Summer Olympics, and the solver can be a Word Mine Champ by getting the 66 4-long and 31 5-long words in this trial heat.

  • Jet Plane
    If you're leaving on a JET PLANE, take this puzzle along and anagram the 30 4- and 12 5-long words from the master phrase.

  • Bonnie & Clyde
    It's no crime to find the 56 words of length 4 and 28 words of length 5 in America's Most Wanted duo.

  • Dilbert
    In tribute to Scott Adams, who makes us laugh even as he frightens us, CRpuzzles offers this puzzle of 24 4-letter and 15 5-letter words made from DILBERT.

  • Ham Sandwich
    What's for lunch? A HAM SANDWICH and 38 4- and 11 5-letter words with it.

  • Ding Dong Bell
    DING DONG BELL, the kid's are back in school. Celebrate with this puzzle of 52 4-long and 37 5-long words.

  • Tuckered Out
    Hope you don't get TUCKERED OUT before anagramming the 50 4-letter and 30 5-letter words in today's phrase.

  • Shania Twain
    She's still the one we love, and CRpuzzles found 20 4-long and 10 5-long words using the letters in SHANIA TWAIN.

  • Empire Builder
    An empire of words, 71 of length 4 and 56 of length 5, can be built in today's Word Mine puzzle.

  • Wile E. Coyote
    CRpuzzles admires the cartoon character because he keeps getting back up and coming up with fresh ways to catch that little @"#!&^%' Road Runner. In this puzzle, the solver only needs to come up with 24 4- and 9 5-letter words that can be made from the letters in WILE E. COYOTE.

  • Pittsburgh, PA
    If you're ever in Pittsburgh, ride the Duquesne incline to Mount Washington for a great view of the city. Here, mine the 69 4- and 32 5-letter words that can be made from PITTSBURGH, PA.

  • Dictionary
    There are only 45 4-letter and 31 5-letter words in our DICTIONARY.

  • Cruise Ship
    In our Bon Voyage Word Mine, CRpuzzles found 28 4-letter and 18 5-letter words in the phrase CRUISE SHIP. Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.