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Picture Scramble # 27 19 August 2000

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde

The largest cliff dwelling in North America. (30 pieces)

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Mesa Verde, located in Southwestern Colorado, was the first National Park set aside for the "preservation... of the sites and the other works and relics of prehistoric man..."

Mesa Verde was discovered on December 18th, 1888 by two cowboys, Richard Wetherill and his brother-in-law Charlie Mason while riding across the mesa top in search for stray cattle. As they came to the edge of a pinyon and juniper forest, a vast canyon lay in front of them. Through the blowing snow they could distinguish something in the cliffs which looked like "a magnificent city." These ranchers may have been the first white men to see what they called "Cliff Palace." After further exploration, they entered the dwelling and made a small collection of artifacts before leaving for the day.

For additional information, visit the National Park Service, Mesa Verde web site.

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