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Picture Scramble Archives 101 - 125

  • The Farm
    (9 August 2001 )
    Barbed wire and a horse shoe hang on the wall. (32 pieces)

  • Cedar Breaks
    (31 July 2001)
    The pink cliffs of Cedar Breaks National Monument are adorned with deep canyons, rock walls, fins, spires, and columns. (40 pieces)

  • Chip
    (24 July 2001)
    This chipmunk enjoys an afternoon snack. (24 pieces)

  • Colosseum
    (17 July 2001 )
    This Roman colosseum is located in Nime, France. (48 pieces)

  • Wilhelma Zoo Flower Garden
    (10 July 2001 )
    Besides having a great collection of animals from around the world, Stuttgart's Wilhelma Zoo treats visitors to a colorful array of flowers in its famous botanical gardens. (42 pieces)

  • Fireworks
    (3 July 2001 )
    Have a happy 4th of July celebration. (24 pieces)

  • Pont du Gard
    (26 June 2001 )
    This ancient Roman aqueduct was built by Agrippa between 15 B.C. and 14 A.D. It spans the river Gard for 275 meters and is 49 meters high. On the first level is a road that was capable of taking the Roman chariots. The aqueduct supplied Nimes, France with water. (28 pieces)

  • A Winter Snack
    (19 June 2001 )
    This squirrel finds a morsel to eat on a cold winter day. (24 pieces)

  • Shipwreck
    (16 June 2001 )
    The ribs of a once mighty ship lay partially buried on the "Graveyard of the Atlantic." (30 pieces)

  • Jellyplants on Mars
    (12 June 2001)
    The first colonists on Mars probably won't be humans. More likely, they'll be plants. And the prototypes of these leafy pioneers are under development right now. (32 pieces)

  • At The Farm
    (9 June 2001 )
    Kids peeking out of a barn loft on the McDonald Ranch in Montana. (48 pieces)

  • Corals
    (5 June 2001 )
    This colony of corals makes a challenging picture scramble puzzle. (30 pieces)

  • Cassini's Farewell to Jupiter
    (1 June 2001 )
    As the Cassini spacecraft departed from Jupiter, it looked back to view a thinning crescent of the planet and its moon Io. (20 pieces)

  • The Dolphin
    (29 May 2001 )
    An imaginary island with a high jumping dolphin. (30 pieces)

  • Mold Cultures
    (25 May 2001 )
    Cultures of a destructive mold called Phomopsis strains that infect both crop and noncrop plants. (60 pieces)

  • Golden Gate Bridge
    (21 May 2001 )
    Among the top ten construction achievements of the 20th Century, stands the Golden Gate Bridge. (25 pieces)

  • Cypress Trees
    (18 May 2001 )
    Cypress trees at Magnolia Plantation near Charleston make a near perfect reflection of themselves. Shredding them makes a challenging picture scramble. (20 pieces)

  • At the Klompenmaker's
    (15 May 2001 )
    Now those are some big shoes for little boys to fill. (40 pieces)

  • A Mother's Kiss
    (10 May 2001 )
    A tiger and her cub share a tender moment. (25 pieces)

  • Fractal Art
    (8 May 2001 )
    This strange looking fractal may be a challenge to the picture scramble enthusiast. (36 pieces)

  • Thorny Beauty
    (3 May 2001 )
    The cactus thrives in the hot dry desert. Its thorny needles protects it from intruders seeking a drop of moisture. Though prickly, it produces beautiful, fragile blooms that are hard to beat. (32 pieces)

  • Gulf of the Farallones
    (1 May 2001 )
    The rocky intertidal comprises a narrow ribbon of habitat along the coast of the Gulf of the Farallones. Many species of invertebrates and algae thrive in this unique habitat which is exposed and submerged twice a day. (42 pieces)

  • Bug Season
    (27 April 2001 )
    The battle rages between man and bug. Pictured here, the tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris, is a serious pest of alfalfa being grown for seed. (24 pieces)

  • Global City Lights on Earth
    (23 April 2001 )
    This view of earth shows the global city lights as seen by the Defense Meteorological Satellite. Eastern U.S., Europe, and Japan are brightly lit by their cities, while the interiors of Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America remain (for now) dark and lightly populated. (30 pieces)

  • Delicious
    (20 April 2001 )
    Honey on biscuits makes a delightful treat. (30 pieces)

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