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Picture Scramble Archives 76 - 100

  • Panda
    (17 April 2001 )
    CRpuzzles celebrates its 100th Picture Scramble with this ZooTREK photo of one of the National Zoo's notable new citizens. (100 pieces)

  • Jellybeans
    (13 April 2001)
    Jellybeans so real you can almost taste them. (30 pieces)

  • Tulip Time
    (10 April 2001 )
    Variegated tulips en masse put on a spectacular Springtime show. (40 pieces)

  • Apollo 11 Astronauts
    (6 April 2001 )
    These three astronauts made the historic Apollo 11 flight that resulted in the first man to step foot on the Moon. Left to right, are Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot. (30 pieces)

  • On The Surface Of The Moon
    (4 April 2001 )
    Imagine the feeling to have been one of the first men to step foot upon the moon. This was experienced by astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in July of 1969. (24 pieces)

  • Launch Into Space
    (2 April 2001)
    Blast off with CRpuzzle's space week on board the historic Apollo 11 rocket. Apollo 11 was launched on July 16, 1969, resulting in the first man to set foot on the moon. (30 pieces)

  • Cherry Blossoms
    (29 March 2001 )
    The Washington Monument makes an unusual backdrop to clusters of cherry blossoms as our Nation's Capital celebrates the 89th annual National Cherry Blossom festival from March 25-April 8, 2001. (48 pieces)

  • Mushrooms On A Log
    (27 March 2001 )
    Although interesting to look at, some mushrooms can be deadly and better to be left alone. (35 pieces)

  • An Inquisitive Doe
    (22 March 2001 )
    Just west of Harrisville, West Virginia, a North Bend State Park hostess posed while her picture was taken. (20 pieces)

  • Lava Entering The Sea
    (20 March 2001 )
    This Pahoehoe lava "toe" spills over a cobble beach and into the sea. After traveling about 12 km from the vent to the southeast coast of the Kilauea Volcano, lava temperatures typically vary between about 1100 and 1150 degrees Celsius by the time it reaches the sea. (20 pieces)

  • Peacock
    (16 March 2001 )
    Strutting around in their striking plumage, this peacock shows its tail feathers marked with iridescent ocelli. Although beautiful to look at, they have a harsh call. The peacock is the national bird of India. (60 pieces)

  • Pow Wow
    (13 March 2001 )
    Indian Pow Wow dancing in Browning, MO. (24 pieces)

  • The Ant Nebula
    (9 March 2001 )
    From ground-based telescopes, this cosmic object -- the glowing remains of a dying, Sun-like star -- resembles the head and thorax of a garden-variety ant. But this dramatic Hubble telescope image of the so-called "ant nebula" shows even more detail, revealing the "ant's" body as a pair of fiery lobes protruding from the dying star. (20 pieces)

  • Kolob Canyon
    (6 March 2001 )
    Just south of Cedar City, Utah, these majestic sandstone sentinels stand witness of the power of erosion by wind and water. (30 pieces)

  • Corn
    (2 March 2001 )
    This scrambled, exotic corn is a challenge to put back together. (30 pieces)

  • Steamtown Locomotive
    (27 February 2001 )
    Steamtown National Historic Site, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, is the only place in the National Park System where the story of steam railroading, and the people who made it possible, is told. (80 pieces)

  • Sea Scallop
    (23 February 2001 )
    The sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) has over 100 blue eyes along the edge of its mantle, with which it senses light intensity. This mollusk has the ability to scoot away from poetential danger by flapping the two parts of its shell, like a swimming castanet. (48 pieces)

  • Chimney Rock
    (20 February 2001)
    A spire of solitary grandeur, visible for miles to travelers of the onstretching prairie, Chimney Rock was a celebrated landmark on the Oregon Trail. (27 pieces)

  • An Alien Sunset
    (15 February 2001 )
    Even on alien worlds, a sunset can be beautiful. (20 pieces)

  • An Angel Face Rose
    (12 February 2001 )
    A happy Valentine's Day wish to you from (48 pieces)

  • Patagonian Glacier
    (8 February 2001 )
    Patagonia is a mountainous region spanning the border between Chile and Argentina near the southern tip of South America. (20 pieces)

  • The Tiger Cat
    (6 February 2001 )
    This endangered Margay is one of the most nocturnal of all cats. It lives most of its life in the canopy of the forest and eats arboreal prey such as monkeys, rats, opossums, and squirrels. (20 pieces)

  • International Space Station
    (1 February 2001 )
    Be the first to assemble the International Space Station picture scramble. (30 pieces)

  • Lionel
    (31 January 2001)
    For all the train enthusiasts. (24 pieces)

  • Pink Coralline Algae
    (25 January 2001 )
    Pink coralline algae forms branches in the rock intertidal of the Gulf of the Farallones Sanctuary and provides shelter for many small invertebrates. (15 pieces)

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