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MorphWord Puzzles Help

The object of MorphWord Puzzles is to metamorphasize a word into a related word in the minimum number of steps. At each step, the solver changes one letter of the current word to form a new word. For example, to change DOG to CAT in 3 steps, the sequence could be


Only common English words are allowed, and capitalized words and contractions are not used.

CRpuzzles provides an on-line tool to solve MorphWords. Two puzzles are displayed on each MorphWord page. To work on a puzzle, if the new word being made either immediately follows or precedes a word already complete, mouse click on the letter to be changed in the new word and type in the desired letter; the on-line tool will complete the rest of the new word. If the desired word is in the middle of the change sequence and the prededing anf following words are blank, mouse click on the beginning blank space of the word and type in the desired word beginning with the blue highlighted blank. If only one change has been made from one word to another in a pair, the red connector between the words will turn green. Solvers can rework their answers by clicking and changing one or more letters in an entry, and can enter the words in any order to effect solution. When all entries have been made according to the one-change rule, the connectors will all be green and solution complete. A note on the all-green state: CRpuzzles does not check whether an entry is a valid word or not; any entry with one change from step to step will change the connector to green. As with off-line puzzles, the solver verifies word validity.

A successful solution may differ from the provided solution for a MorphWord Puzzle pair; all alternate solutions containing non-capital, non-contraction English words are valid. Sometimes a solver may morph a word into another in fewer steps than the official solution by using a word that CRpuzzles considers less common; again, this is a valid, and excellent, solution. As stated above, CRpuzzles does not check a solvers word list against an official word list.

The MorphWord Puzzles page can also be printed for off-line solving. Copyright © 2000 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.