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Word Math Puzzles Help

CRpuzzles offers a computer tool to solve Word Math Puzzles that takes away the typical try-it, erase-it approach to the printed puzzles. Otherwise, a Word Math Puzzle offered here is exactly like that in print puzzle magazines: each number 0-9 in a simple arithmetic problem is substituted for (enciphered) by a different letter so that the primary numerical components of the arithmetic problem are enciphered to produce words. The letters that substitute for the numbers in 0-9 order form a Keyword of 10 different letters, where the Keyword is a single word, a set of related words, or a phrase. For example,

              Cipher          0123456789
              using Keyword   FIRSTPLACE  

                       789                          ACE
                   -------                      -------
             6712  5298734                LAIR  PRECAST
                   46984                        TLECT
  division         -----        becomes         -----
   problem          60033      Word Math         LFFSS
                    53696       problem          PSLEL
                    -----                        -----
                     63374                        LSSAT
                     60408                        LFTFC
                     -----                        -----
                      2966                         RELL

To solve for the letter-number pairs, mathematical logic is used. In the above, for instance, where PRECA - TLECT = LFFSS, the F must be a 0 or 9 (E-E, C-C = 0 if A > T, 9 if T >A). In the last subtraction, though, where LSSAT - LFTFC = RELL, the F can't be a 9 since the value of F must be less than the value of S. So, the first entry in the solution would be

    Cipher    0123456789

                  LAIR  PRECAST


                           0 0

Word Math Puzzle analysis continues until the Keyword and the complete arithmetic problem are recovered. During the process, the solver may use linguistic skills to recover parts or all of the Keyword to aid in the solution.

CRpuzzles' Word Math online solving tool allows for easy entry and, if necessary, change or retraction of the substitution pairs. To equate a number to a letter, the solver clicks on the box under any of the occurrences of the letter and enters the desired number; the program finds and makes all other substitutions for the letter-number pair, including in the 0-9 to Keyword recovery. The solver can also enter a letter in a Keyword box under a number and all the appropriate number-for-letter substitutions will be made in the arithmetic problem. A letter-number pair can be changed by making a single change in the Keyword or in the numerical problem; similarly, a pair can be returned to unknown by entering a space for either the letter or number to be blanked. The CRpuzzles Word math tool signals successful solution by changing the colors of the characters on the Word Math Puzzle page.

Solvers who prefer to work on a CRpuzzles Word Math Puzzle off-line can print the on-line page and complete the puzzle at their leisure; to check the solution, solvers can click the Solution button on the on-line Word Math page. Copyright © 2000 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.