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 Logic Puzzle # 154 Logic Problems Help  

The Good Sport
by Randall L. Whipkey

When Buzz of Buzz's Exxon gathered his 2001 records for his CPA, he found that he had made six donations, each for a different amount of money and totaling $1500, to six local youth sports teams, including a softball team. Given the data below, can you find how much in sports deductions Buzz has for 2001: the contribution to each team and the sport the team plays?

  1. Buzz donated twice as much to the basketball team as he did to the Knights.
  2. The contribution to the Comets was less than that to the football team.
  3. For his donation to the soccer team, which was $50 more than he gave the Rovers, the soccer team advertised Buzz's Exxon on the back of jersey # 1.
  4. The Lions got $150 more from the service station operator than the baseball team did.
  5. The smallest donation of the six was for $50.
  6. The Hawks received twice as much money from Buzz as the soccer team.
  7. Before actually seeing the receipts again, Buzz thought that his largest donation had been $600 and that he had given the hockey team $250; he found that the largest contribution was for less than $600 and that the hockey donation was for less than $250.
  8. Buzz gave the Knights $50 more than he gave the Devils.
  9. The largest donation wasn't the one to the youth basketball team.

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