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Logic Puzzle # 153 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Sharing the Music

The six teenagers are listed in clue 1 as follows: Ben, the girl who owns the Cake CD, the boy who is borrowing the 3 Doors Down CD, Wendy, the one who owns the No Doubt CD, and the teen who is borrowing the CD by Train. So, two of the boys are Ben and the one borrowing 3 Doors Down; and two of the girls are Wendy and the one who owns Cake. If the one in clue 1 who is borrowing Train were the third boy and the one who owns No Doubt then the third girl, by clue 2, Ben would have borrowed the Matchbox Twenty CD. Also by clue 2, since only Ben would have borrowed a CD from a girl, the boy who borrowed Train would have gotten it from Wendy. However, the 3 Doors Down CD that one boy is borrowing then would have to belong to another boy, a conflict with clue 2. Therefore, in clue 1, the one who owns the No Doubt CD is the third boy; and the teen who is borrowing the Train CD is the third girl. Since only the Matchbox Twenty CD is both owned and borrowed by a boy (clue 2), the 3 Doors Down CD must belong to a girl--by clue 3, the girl who is borrowing Train. Since Wendy isn't borrowing the Cake recording (3), one of the boys is, with another boy borrowing the Matchbox Twenty set (2). So, Wendy and the girl who owns the Cake music are borrowing the Barenaked Ladies and No Doubt CDs in some order. The latter girl then cannot be Trisha (4) and must be Cindy. Trisha owns the 3 Doors Down CD. Since James isn't borrowing the Cake or Matchbox Twenty CD (5), he must be the boy borrowing the 3 Doors Down album. Kevin owns No Doubt. Then Cindy isn't borrowing No Doubt (6) and must be borrowing Barenaked Ladies; Wendy is borrowing No Doubt. Wendy then must own the Train music (7). Ben did not borrow Cindy's Cake CD (6), so he is enjoying Matchbox Twenty, which belongs to James. Kevin is listening to Cake, and Ben owns the Barenaked Ladies CD. In conclusion, the CD each teen owns and the one he or she is borrowing are as follows:

  • Cindy, Cake, Barenaked Ladies
  • Trisha, 3 Doors Down, Train
  • Wendy, Train, No Doubt
  • Ben, Barenaked Ladies, Matchbox Twenty
  • James, Matchbox Twenty, 3 Doors Down
  • Kevin, No Doubt, Cake Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.