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 Logic Puzzle # 153 Logic Problems Help  

Sharing the Music
by Randall L. Whipkey

Each of six teen friends are sharing the music by lending a CD of his or her favorite group to one of the other five. From the clues below, you should be able to determine which CD each of the six owns and who is borrowing and currently enjoying it.

  1. The six music sharers are Ben, the girl who owns the Cake CD, the boy who is borrowing the 3 Doors Down CD, Wendy, the teenager who owns the CD by No Doubt, and the one who is currently listening to another's Train CD.
  2. Two of the boys are borrowing music owned by two of the girls; the boy who is listening to another boy's favorite has his Matchbox Twenty CD.
  3. Wendy, who isn't the teen who owns the 3 Doors Down CD, isn't the person who is borrowing the Cake music.
  4. Trisha is borrowing neither the Barenaked Ladies nor the No Doubt CD.
  5. James is borrowing neither the Cake nor the Matchbox Twenty CD.
  6. Ben isn't the friend who is listening to Cindy's favorite group, and Cindy isn't the one listening to Kevin's loaned CD.
  7. The teen who is borrowing the No Doubt CD doesn't own the Barenaked Ladies music.

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