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Logic Puzzle # 152 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Downhill Racers

The 5th race in the Downhill Challenge wasn't won by Jamie (clue 2), Tony (6), or Kevin (8) and was won by Alex or Chris. If Alex had won the 5th race, by clue 4, the 4th race would have been held at Heartbreak Hill Resort. Then neither Jamie (2), Kevin (8), nor Tony (9) would have won the 3rd race in the Challenge; Chris would have. Killy would have won the 2nd race (11). Since Chris isn't Street (3), Tony wouldn't have won the 2nd race (6); nor would Tony have won the 1st race (6) or the 4th race at Heartbreak Hill (1). Therefore, Alex didn't win the 5th Downhill Challenge race; Chris did. Killy's victory came in the 4th race (11). Since Chris isn't Street (3), Tony didn't win the 4th race (6); nor did he win the 3rd (9); Tony won the 1st or 2nd race. Jamie isn't Killy (7), so Jamie didn't win the 4th race. Since Killy's 4th-race win wasn't at Deep Valley (7), Jamie also didn't win the 3rd event (2). Jamie won the other of races 1 and 2 that Tony didn't win. Kevin and Alex won the 3rd and 4th events, in some order. Since Chris's win didn't come at Old Man Mountain (3), Kevin didn't win the 4th race (8). Kevin won the 3rd race, and Killy then won the 4th at Old Man Mountain (8). Alex won race 4. Then the 3rd Downhill Challenge event took place at Heartbreak Hill (4). Jamie therefore didn't win the 2nd race (2); so Tony did, and Jamie won the inaugural meet. Tony's win came at Deep Valley (2), and Kevin is Street (6). By clue 10, Jamie's victory was on the Lonesome Pine downhill course, and Tony is Tomba. By elimination, Chris won the 5th race at Reindeer Run. Chris is Maier and Jamie Cochran (5). The first five races in the Downhill Challenge were won by

  • 1st - Jamie Cochran at Lonesome Pine
  • 2nd - Tony Tomba at Deep Valley
  • 3rd - Kevin Street at Heartbreak Hill
  • 4th - Alex Killy at Old Man Mountain
  • 5th - Chris Maier at Reindeer Run Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.