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 Logic Puzzle # 152 Logic Problems Help  

Downhill Racers
by Randall L. Whipkey

Maier and four other downhill racers have won the first five events in the Downhill Challenge 2002, with each of the five scoring a victory on a different ski resort's course. Can you slalom through the information below to find who won each event and where the race was held?

  1. Tony's Downhill Challenge win didn't come at Heartbreak Hill.
  2. Jamie won the event held immediately before the race at Deep Valley Resort.
  3. Chris, whose win wasn't on the Old Man Mountain slope, and Street both have contracts for ski wear with Big Foot Clothing.
  4. In the race immediately after the one at Heartbreak Hill Resort, Alex won his first-ever Downhill Challenge event.
  5. Cochran's victory wasn't at the Reindeer Run meet.
  6. Tony's downhill win was followed immediately by Street's.
  7. Killy, who isn't Jamie, finished second in the Deep Valley race.
  8. The event at Old Man Mountain was held immediately after the one where Kevin won by setting a new hill speed record.
  9. Tony's first-place finish wasn't in the 3rd Downhill Challenge race.
  10. Tomba's victory came immediately after that of the winner at Lonesome Pine.
  11. Killy's win immediately preceded Chris's in the race series.

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