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Community College Computer Courses
by Randall L. Whipkey

This semester, Rose Canyon Community College is offering its students Microsoft Applications and four other computer courses. Each class is offered a different day Monday-Friday, and each is taught by a different computer professional. From the data below, can you schedule the computer classes: which course is given each day and the full name (one last name is Chapman) of the class instructor?

  1. Cheryl and Ellison both work full-time for Sundown Software and teach at the college part-time.
  2. Brenda's class is later in the week than Bezos', but earlier in the week than the Systems Engineering offering.
  3. The C++ Programming course is offered Thursday.
  4. Mark's class isn't on Monday.
  5. Terry, Siebel, and the C++ Programming instructor all hold Ph. D.s in computer science.
  6. Gates teaches the day before Cheryl, who teaches the day before Terry.
  7. Brenda's course isn't the Introduction to the Internet offering.
  8. Gates, who isn't John, teaches a class held earlier in the week than Beginning Java.

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