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Pairs Skaters
by Randall L. Whipkey

At a recent Junior Olympians ice skating competition, pairs skaters from the Spinners and two other ice clubs won the gold, silver, and bronze medals for finishing 1st-3rd in the pairs event. Given the results below, can you find the full names of each winning female-male pair (one last name is Zamboni), the skating club they represent, and where they placed in the Junior Olympians contest?

  1. Miss Axel and her partner finished one place higher than Rudy and his partner, who aren't the Follies Ice Club medal winners.
  2. Tanya and the skater whose last name is Blades are former junior event singles medal winners.
  3. Miss Salchow and her partner placed immediately behind the couple from the Capades Ice Club.
  4. Mr. Lutz and his partner finished one place higher than the pair from the Follies Ice Club.
  5. Paul and his partner are known for their side-by-side triple jumps, while Miss Salchow and her partner feature a thrilling Death Spiral.
  6. Todd, who isn't Mr. Arena, isn't Dorothy's partner.
  7. Peggy and her partner, who aren't in the Capades Ice Club, finished one place behind Paul and his skating partner.

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