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 Logic Puzzle # 148 Logic Problems Help  

by Randall L. Whipkey

When the long-time popular TV program "Jeopardy!" filmed a show in the Summerset area recently, host Alex Trebek quizzed three local contestants, including one from Peyton Park, as they vied for cash in the game's three rounds. During the action, the contestants, including Jay, "questioned answers" against each other during "Jeopardy!" and "Double Jeopardy!"; each then wagered part or all of the amount he or she had won on a "Final Jeopardy!" question to determine the final sums and game winner. The three finished with $17,000 among them, with no two having the same sum. From the clues below, can you decide each contestant's full name, home town, and final score on the perennial quiz favorite?

  1. During "Final Jeopardy!", Ben doubled the money he had won through "Double Jeopardy!" and McNabb added $2,000 in winnings, but the contestant from Summerset missed the final answer and lost 1/3 of the winnings through the first two rounds.
  2. The winner, who isn't Hardy, had $3,000 more than the second-place contestant.
  3. Chance and the contestant from Thoreau Falls both missed the same $2,000 question in the category "Crossword Words" near the end of "Double Jeopardy!".
  4. Laurel finished in third place with a final total of $4,000.
  5. After the "Double Jeopardy!" round and going into "Final Jeopardy!", the three contestants had amassed $13,000 among them.

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