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Logic Puzzle # 146 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
A Logic Problem for Christmas, 2001: Santa's Shopping Proxies

By clue 1, three of the elves assigned by Santa to get gifts for Mrs. Claus are Dweedle, the one who is to shop in New York, and the elf who is to get her a new bathing suit. Neither Dweedle (12) nor the elf shopping in New York (3) will get the Tivo television recording system, so the elf who is to pick up the Tivo is the fourth to the three in clue 1. Similarly, neither Dweedle (8) nor the New York shopper (3) is to buy Mrs. Claus a new motor scooter; so, the elf who will get the motor scooter is the fifth one. Dweedle and the elf shopping in New York are to get the Palm Pilot and the Mexican cookbook or vice versa. Arvid then isn't the elf who will buy a present in New York (2); nor is Fred or Ule the New York assignee (7). Ozz will shop in New York and will get Mrs. Claus the Mexican cookbook (9); Dweedle is to buy a Palm Pilot. By clue 5, Arvid is to shop for a Tivo. Ule's assignment is the motor scooter (11), and Fred's is the bathing suit. Neither Arvid (6) nor Dweedle for the Palm Pilot or Ule for the motor scooter (10) will shop in Rome; Fred will do Santa's shopping in the Eternal City. Dweedle's city isn't Tokyo (4) or Rio de Janeiro (12) and is thus Moscow. By clue 12, Ule will buy a motor scooter in Rio de Janeiro; and Tokyo is where Arvid will look for a Tivo. Santa's elves will be proxy shoppers for gifts for Mrs. Claus as follows:

  • Arvid, Tivo recorder in Tokyo
  • Dweedle, Palm Pilot in Moscow
  • Fred, bathing suit in Rome
  • Ozz, Mexican cookbook in New York
  • Ule, motor scooter in Rio de Janeiro Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.