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Logic Puzzle # 145 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The 7 Voyages of Sinomor

By clue 11, Sinomor's 1st voyage took him to Gosha, while on his 7th and last he stole the Princess Praline as his wife. On his 4th, 5th, and 6th trips, then, Sinomor acquired the Daqar Diamond (1), Emir Emerald (5), and Red Sea Ruby (8),in some order. By clue 7, on consecutive voyages, Sinomor bested the Thief Thomad and got the Sapphire of Suez, acquiring the latter on his 2nd or 3rd adventure. By clue 2, however, the Thief Thomad wasn't the one Sinomor encountered in the land of Gosha; so, Sinomor thieved from the Thief Thomad on his 2nd voyage and stole the Sapphire of Suez on his 3rd. On his 3rd, 4th, and 5th voyages, in some order, Sinomor's victims were the Sorceress Briane (1), the Grand Vizier Ahmad (5), and the High Priestess Zerene (8). By clue 9, Sinomor traveled to the land of Boz immediately after taking Queen Norene's prize possession. Since Boz isn't where Sinomor encountered the Thief Thomad (2), Sinomor met Queen Norene on his 6th voyage and got the Princess Praline in Boz. By clue 3, Sinomor didn't obtain the Emir Emerald from Queen Norene. In clue 5, then, Amabala wasn't the land the sailor visited on his 4th voyage. Since Sinomor didn't get the Sapphire of Suez from the Grand Vizier Ahmad (13), by clue 5, Amabala wasn't where he went on his 2nd voyage; nor did he go there on his 5th (5). Sinomor's 3rd voyage took him to Amabala. By clues 5 and 3, he bested the Grand Vizier Ahmad in his 4th and stole the Emir Emerald on his 5th. Zonobra (1) and Lahoia (8) must be the lands visited on Sinomor's 2nd and 4th voyages or vice versa, so Shalala and Xunuda were his 5th and 6th or vice versa destinations. Sinomor didn't acquire the Red Sea Ruby in Shalala or Xunuda (6). In clues 1 and 8, therefore, Sinomor got the Red Sea Ruby on his 4th voyage and the Daqar Diamond on his 6th. By clue 8, Lahoia was the 2nd land Sinbad visited. By clue 1, the sailor's 4th voyage took him to Zonobra and his 5th pitted him against the Sorceress Briane. He got the Sapphire of Suez from the High Priestess Zerene on his 3rd (8). By clue 10, Sinomor challenged the Sorceress Briane in Shalala and Queen Norene in Xunuda. By clue 4, neither the Sultan Mohamed nor the Merchant Hussad, one of whom had to be Sinomor's 1st victim, had the Lamp of the Djinn; the Thief Thomad did. By elimination, Sinomor's 1st prize was the Black Pearls of the Punjab. Sinomor stole them from the Merchant Hussad, and ran away with Princess Praline from the Sultan Mohamad's palace. In sum, the 7 Voyages of Sinomor were

  • 1st - in Gosha got the Black Pearls of Punjab from the Merchant Hussad
  • 2nd - in Lahoia got the Lamp of the Djinn from the Thief Thomad
  • 3rd - in Amabala got the Sapphire of Suez from the High Priestess Zerene
  • 4th - in Zonobra got the Red Sea Ruby from Grand Vizier Ahmad
  • 5th - in Shalala got the Emir Emerald from the Sorceress Briane
  • 6th - in Xunuda got the Daqar Diamond from Queen Norene
  • 7th - in Boz got Princess Praline from Sultan Mohamad Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.