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 Logic Puzzle # 145 Logic Problems Help  

The 7 Voyages of Sinomor
by Randall L. Whipkey

Everyone knows the tales of Sinbad the Sailor from A 1,001 Nights, but not everyone knows that these tales are based on a real sailor of long ago named Sinomor, whose log book has recently been found in the ruins of ancient Ramur. Sinomor made his life's fortune on seven perilous voyages, each of which took him to a different land where he acquired a famous treasure from a clever, dangerous opponent. From the following notes taken from Sinomor's log, can you find where Sinomor went, what prize he acquired, and whom he outsmarted on each of his seven voyages?

  1. Sinomor was in the land of Zonobra on an earlier voyage than the one when he bested the Sorceress Briane; his encounter with the sorceress, famed for turning enemies into earthworms, was on an earlier voyage than the one on which he acquired the Daqar Diamond.
  2. The sailor's test against the Thief Thomad wasn't the one in Boz or the one in Gosha.
  3. Queen Norene isn't the foe from whom Sinomor got the Emir Emerald.
  4. Neither Sultan Mohamad nor the Merchant Hussad was the victim when the adventurer gained possession of the Lamp of the Djinn.
  5. Sinomor outfoxed the Grand Vizier Ahmad on the voyage immediately after the one that took him to Amabala and immediately before the one that brought him the Emir Emerald as a prize.
  6. The Red Sea Ruby wasn't acquired in either Shalala or Xunuda.
  7. Immediately after tricking the Thief Thomad on one voyage, Sinomor got the Sapphire of Suez on his next adventure.
  8. The sailor acquired the Red Sea Ruby on a voyage later than the one on which he had to defeat the High Priestess Zerene; the voyage on which he bested the High Priestess was later than the trip to the Land of Lahoia.
  9. Sinomor's adventure in Boz immediately followed his journey to the land ruled by Queen Norene.
  10. The encounter with the Sorceress Briane wasn't in fabled Xunuda.
  11. On his 7th and last voyage, Sinomor stole the Princess Praline, who became his wife. On his 1st voyage, Sinomor sailed to the Land of Gosha.
  12. The Sultan Mohamad isn't the foe who possessed the Black Pearls of the Punjab.
  13. The Sapphire of Suez isn't the prize Sinomor outwitted the Grand Vizier Ahmad to get.

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