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 Logic Puzzle # 143 Logic Problems Help  

by Randall L. Whipkey

On a recent trip to St. Petersburg, Barbie Kenn bought a set of Matryoshka, Russian nesting dolls where each holds the doll(s) smaller than it. Each of the five dolls in the set is a caricature of a noted Russian ruler or Soviet leader, and each is decorated in a dominant color scheme, one in green. From the information about opening the set of nesting dolls below, can you order the Matryoshka from largest to smallest, determining which historical Russian is on each doll and its dominant color?

  1. The Lenin doll, which isn't the one with a blue motif, is the middle, or 3rd largest, of the five nesting dolls.
  2. The Ivan the Terrible doll isn't the one done in red.
  3. When the Peter the Great doll is opened, the next doll in the set that is revealed is the gold one.
  4. When the blue-colored doll is opened, the Ivan the Terrible figure is the next to appear.
  5. The Catherine the Great doll is nested immediately inside of the purple-based Matryoshka.
  6. The blue-hued doll isn't the one of Peter the Great.
  7. The gold doll, which isn't the smallest of the five, isn't the one with Mikhail Gorbachev on it.

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