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 Logic Puzzle # 142 Logic Problems Help  

The Great Train Robbery
by Randall L. Whipkey

When Butch Moondance robbed the Gallup-Santa Fe Express, he took a total of $2500 from four of the passengers. Each of the four victims, including Annie Starr, lost a different sum to the infamous outlaw. From the sheriff's report below, you should be able to solve the Great Train Robbery Logic Problem of where on the train Butch held up each person (one was robbed while sitting in the passenger coach) and how much money he stole from him or her.

  1. Immediately after robbing Doc Masterson of his whole bankroll, Butch held up another of the victims in the sleeper car--for $250 more than he got from Doc.
  2. Of the four, Wyatt Hitchcock did not lose the most to Butch.
  3. Immediately after robbing the victim who was trying to hide behind a barrel in the baggage car, Butch Moondance took Belle Cody's cash, $750 less than he stole from the victim in the baggage car.
  4. The person Butch held up in the dining car didn't lose the smallest sum, $250, to the gunman.

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