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On Halloween We're Going As ...
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last Saturday, the first five couples to visit Jack O'Lantern's Halloween Shop rented costumes to wear for the night of October 31. Each husband and wife picked a different costume based on a real or fictional person. Given the clues below, will you get tricked or get a treat by finding the first and last names of each couple (one husband is Mark and one wife Erica), the costume each rented for Halloween, and the order 1st-5th in which the couples paid for their selections?

  1. All five women and four of the men picked costumes of "appropriate" gender; one of the husbands, however, thought it would be funny to dress as a female character on Halloween.
  2. Nick had wanted to go as Elvis Presley or Uncle Sam but found both costumes had been rented to husbands who were in Jack O'Lantern's earlier than he was Saturday.
  3. Angela and her husband, who didn't pick the Babe Ruth outfit, picked costumes at the store before the woman who chose Madonna and her spouse did.
  4. Mrs. Poe, who isn't the person who rented the Littlest Mermaid costume or the one who chose the Wicked Witch outfit, and her husband picked their costumes immediately ahead of Lou and his wife.
  5. In consecutive order first-to-last, Cynthia and her husband, the woman who is going as Catwoman and her husband, and the man dressing as Capt. Hook and his wife rented costumes at Jack O'Lantern's.
  6. Nick, who isn't Belinda's husband, and Mr. Hitchcock both decided they were too tall for the Yoda costume, which no one rented on Saturday.
  7. Ken and Mr. Chaney and their wives were picking costumes to wear to the Ocean City Marina Floating Halloween Party on October 31.
  8. The Kings paid for their rentals, then the couple who had the Old Mother Hubbard and another costume paid for theirs.
  9. The man going as Elvis Presley on Halloween, who isn't Cynthia's husband, isn't the one whose wife is going as Barbie.
  10. The Hitchcocks were the last of the five couples to choose their costumes.
  11. Jim and his wife got their outfits earlier than Mr. & Mrs. Chaney.
  12. The wife of the man going as Uncle Sam didn't pick the Old Mother Hubbard costume because she thought it would be too heavy to wear all evening.
  13. Belinda and her husband paid for their costumes immediately after the man going as Babe Ruth and his wife paid for theirs and immediately before the woman going as Barbie and her husband rented theirs.
  14. Cynthia isn't the woman masquerading as Madonna on Halloween.
  15. Nick, whose wife isn't going as Barbie, and Deborah's spouse went to a party last Halloween disguised as George Bush and Al Gore, costumes none of the men selected on Saturday.
  16. Belinda, who didn't choose the Catwoman outfit, isn't the woman whose husband is going as Elvis Presley.
  17. The Littlest Mermaid costume isn't the one Mrs. Lugosi rented.

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