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Logic Puzzle # 140 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
If It's Tuesday It Must Be Pizza

From the introduction, Al Fresco delivered a Mama Checkers pizza to each of the four houses on the north side of Anchovey Ave; the houses are numbered 101, 103, 105, and 107 west-to-east. By clue 3, Al delivered the mushroom pizza to 103. By clue 2, immediately after delivering a pizza to the Domino family, Al went two doors away to deliver the sausage pizza. Since the Dominos didn't get the mushroom pizza (6) and thus don't live at 103 Anchovey Ave., the Dominos also don't live at 107, since the sausage couldn't have gone to 103. So, the Domino family lives at 101 or 105 Anchovey Ave., with the family who ordered the sausage then at the other of the two addresses. By clue 1, after delivering a pizza to the John house, Al immediately took the cheese pizza next door. Since the Johns didn't have the mushroom pizza (6), they don't live at 103 Anchovey. The Johns then live at 105 Anchovey or at 107 Anchovey. If the John family lives at 107, Al would have delivered the cheese pizza to 105 (1). The Dominos would then live at 105, and the sausage pizza would have gone to the family at 101 Anchovey (2). By clue 4, the Hut family would have the sausage and live at 101 Anchovey Ave.--contradicting clue 5. Therefore, in clue 1, the Johns live at 105 Anchovey, and Al Fresco delivered the cheese pizza to 107. By clue 2, the Dominos live at 101; and the sausage pizza went to the Johns. By elimination, the Dominos ordered a pepperoni pizza. By clue 4, the Caesars live at 103 and the Hut family at 107 Anchovey Ave. In sum, on Tuesday pizza night, Al Fresco delivered Mama Checkers pizzas as follows:

  • 101 Anchovey Ave. -- pepperoni to the Dominos
  • 103 Anchovey Ave. -- mushroom to the Caesars
  • 105 Anchovey Ave. -- sausage to the Johns
  • 107 Anchovey Ave. -- cheese to the Huts Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.