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 Logic Puzzle # 140 Logic Problems Help  

If It's Tuesday It Must Be Pizza
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last Tuesday, the four families who live on the north side of Anchovey Ave.--at 101, 103, 105, and 107 going west-to-east--ordered pizza for dinner from Mama Checkers Pizzeria. The orders were close in time, so deliveryman Al Fresco delivered one of the four pizzas, including the pepperoni, to each house in a single trip to the street. Given the clues below, you should be able to decide which family lives at each Anchovey Ave. address and the kind of pizza they ordered for Tuesday pizza night.

  1. After delivering a pizza to the John family, Al Fresco immediately delivered a cheese pizza next door to the Johns' house.
  2. After delivering a pizza to the Dominos, Al immediately took a sausage pizza to a house two doors away from the Dominos'.
  3. The family at 103 Anchovey Ave. had a mushroom pizza.
  4. The Caesars, who didn't order a sausage pizza, don't live at 107.
  5. The Huts' address isn't 101 Anchovey Ave.
  6. Neither the Dominos nor the Johns ordered the mushroom pizza.

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