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Logic Puzzle # 139 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Pickwick House

From the introduction, Pickwick House must be entered by the front door into Shop A, the center of the three shops facing Main Street. Shops are designated B-F going clockwise from Shop A. B can be entered from A and C; C from B and D; D from C, E, and A; E from D and F; and F from E and A. By clue 1, Past Times must be either Shop A or Shop D; and by clue 6, Gallery must be the other of Shops A and D. By clue 1, Stengel's is one of the outside shops to Past Times; Stengel's then doesn't sell jewelry or furniture (1). Stengel's also doesn't sell rare books or glass (6) since one of those two shops must be Past Times and the other must be on the opposite side of the building from Past Times and thus Stengel's. Stengel's also doesn't sell fine art (4). Stengel's caters to collectors of sports memorabilia. By clue 6, Precious Memories doesn't sell rare books or glass; nor does Precious Memories sell jewelry or furniture (1), which are sold by Gallery and by a shop on the opposite side of the building from Precious Memories. Precious Memories sells fine art. By clue 2, Precious Memories isn't in Shop C; nor is the fine art dealer in shop E (7). Therefore, Gallery in clue 6 cannot be in Shop D. Gallery is the entrance shop to Pickwick House, Shop A; and Past Times occupies Shop D at the rear of the house. By clues 3 and 6, rare books must be sold by Past Times. Gallery doesn't sell glass (6), nor does Edgemere Emporium (9); glass collectors visit The Workshoppe. Since The Workshoppe isn't in Shop F (5), by clue 6, it must flank Gallery in Shop B. Precious Memories offers fine art in Shop F (6). Since The Workshoppe can't be entered from the jewelry store (8), in clue 1, the jewelry store must be in Shop E and must be Edgemere Emporium. Stengel's occupies Shop C. By elimination, Gallery sells furniture. In sum, the six shops in Pickwick House are

  • Shop A -- Gallery sells furniture
  • Shop B -- The Workshoppe sells glass
  • Shop C -- Stengel's sells sports memorabilia
  • Shop D -- Past Times sells rare books
  • Shop E -- Edgemere Emporium sells jewelry
  • Shop F -- Precious Memories sells fine art Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.