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Logic Puzzle # 137 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Clementine's Cleaner-Uppers

By clue 1, after checking on Ted's work, Clementine went down 1 floor in the Summerset Building to look in on Davis, then went down another floor to the offices of Pro Computer Consultants. By clue 2, after checking on Carol's cleaning progress, Clementine goes down 2 floors to see how work on the Crosswinds Insurance Agency office is going. If there were no overlap between the two clues, either Ted or Carol would have to clean the 5th floor office. If Ted did, then Carol would have worked on the 2nd floor--but the insurance agency would then be on the 0th floor. If Carol worked on the 5th floor and the Crosswinds Insurance office was then on the 3rd, in clue 1, the Pro Computer Consultants spaces would be on the 0th floor. So, clues 1 and 2 must have at least one of Clementine's Cleaner-Uppers in common. Ted doesn't clean the Crosswinds Insurance Agency office (6), nor does Davis (11); therefore, Carol must be Davis or must clean the Pro Computer Consultants office in clue 1. If Carol were Davis, then the Crosswinds Insurance spaces would be 1 floor below the Pro Computer office (1, 2). By clue 5, Clementine went up 2 floors after checking on Appleby to visit Ben at work. Appleby would then clean the 1st floor office, and Ben would work in the Pro Computer office. By clue 4, Wellman works on the spaces 1 floor below the office of Mintz & Meter CPAs; Wellman would be Ben, and Carol would clean the Mintz & Meter office--which she doesn't (8). So, Carol isn't Davis; Carol cleans the Pro Computer Consultants office, and the Crosswinds Insurance Agency is on the 1st floor of the Summerset Building (2). Carol works on the 3rd floor (2), Davis on the 4th, and Ted on the 5th (1). By clue 5, Ben is Davis, and Appleby cleans the 2nd floor area. Since Wellman is neither Jenny nor Marty (9), Wellman doesn't clean the 1st floor office. By clue 4, therefore, Wellman is Carol, and Ben's assignment is the Mintz & Meter CPAs spaces. Appleby works in the Landmark Title Co. office (10) and Ted in the ICU Optometry spaces. By clue 3, Jenny works in the Crosswinds Insurance office, and Marty cleans the Landmark Title Co. area. Finally, Ted is Mr. Sanchez in clue 7; Jenny is Pauling. In sum, Clementine's Cleaner-Uppers work in the five offices of the Summerset Building as follows:

  • 1st floor - Jenny Pauling in the Crosswinds Insurance Agency
  • 2nd floor - Marty Appleby in the Landmark Title Co.
  • 3rd floor - Carol Wellman in the Pro Computer Consultants
  • 4th floor - Ben Davis in Mintz & Meter CPAs
  • 5th floor - Ted Sanchez in ICU Optometry Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.