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 Logic Puzzle # 137 Logic Problems Help  

Clementine's Cleaner-Uppers
by Randall L. Whipkey

From 8-9 p.m. Monday-Friday, Clementine supervises her staff of five Cleaner-Uppers in cleaning the five offices, each of which is on a different floor 1-5, in the Summerset Building. Each of the workers, including Pauling, works in the same office every evening. From the "dirt" below about Clementine's Cleaner-Uppers, can you find for which office on which floor each is responsible?

  1. Last Tuesday, after checking in on Ted, Clementine went down 1 floor to look in on Davis, then went down 1 floor to assess the progress in the Pro Computer Consultants spaces.
  2. To check on Carol's work, Clementine must go up 2 floors from the Crosswinds Insurance Agency floor.
  3. Jenny isn't the Cleaner-Upper of the Landmark Title Co. office.
  4. Last Thursday, after looking in on Wellman's work, Clementine went up 1 floor to check on the work in the Mintz & Meter CPAs spaces.
  5. One evening last week, after monitoring Appleby's progress, Clementine rode the elevator up 2 floors to see how Ben was progressing.
  6. The Cleaner-Upper responsible for the Crosswinds Insurance Agency office isn't Ted.
  7. Mr. Sanchez needed help moving furniture to clean his assigned office on Wednesday.
  8. Carol doesn't clean the Mintz & Meter office.
  9. Jenny, Marty, and Wellman always eat a snack after work is completed in the Summerset Building.
  10. The worker who is responsible for the ICU Optometry area isn't Appleby.
  11. Davis doesn't clean the Crosswinds Insurance spaces.

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