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 Logic Puzzle # 135 Logic Problems Help  

Yeas and Nays
by Randall L. Whipkey

In yesterday's Carroll County Council session, the three members voted on four proposed bills: bill 1, to sell 25 acres of county land to a mall developer; bill 2, to send a county trade delegation to the People's Republic of China; bill 3, to buy a new computer system for Carroll County Emergency Services; and bill 4, to build a new cloverleaf intersection at the junction of routes 32 and 140. Two of the measures passed, with each of the four final votes ending in a different yea-nay count. From the minutes of the Council meeting below, you should be able to find how each council member voted on each of the four bills.

  1. Carter voted nay on both bill 1 and bill 2.
  2. Nixon voted against sending a trade group to China; Nixon and Carter cast the same vote on the new cloverleaf.
  3. Ford voted yea on the new computers and on the Rtes. 32 and 140 intersection improvement.
  4. Carter and Ford voted the same way on three of the four issues.
  5. Ford and Nixon opposed each other in the voting on just one bill.

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