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Logic Puzzle # 134 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Mr. Sandman 2001

By clue 1, the sculpture Dragonflight finished 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in the judging, as did New York, New York (5). By clue 8, the sculpture created by Art and his team placed 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in the event. Shaver's team didn't have Kites by Katie as its sponsor (10); by clues 5 and 8, therefore, Art and his team didn't sculpt New York, New York. By clue 11, the team led by Waters didn't choose Great White as its subject; by clues 1 and 8, then, Art and his partners didn't enter Dragonflight in the 2001 Sand Sculpture Tournament. Art and his team finished in the place of 2nd-4th that the Dragonflight and New York, New York teams didn't. By clue 8, then, Great White had to finish 5th in the judging; and Art and team were 4th and the Kites by Katie-sponsored team was 3rd in the event. Since the team sponsored by Jolly Roger Mini-Golf then wasn't 3rd, by clue 5, the New York, New York sculptors weren't 2nd. They placed 3rd, with Shaver's team then 2nd and the Jolly Roger Mini-Golf team 4th. By clue 1, the Dragonflight entry was runner-up in the contest--to Rick and his team, with the Waters-led sand sculptors 3rd. The team entered by Crisfield Crab House wasn't led by Rick and didn't place 1st (7) and didn't finish 2nd (12); they were 5th in the tournament. Neither Art (3) nor the Crisfield Crab House team leader (12) is Castoria; Rick is. By clue 3, then, Rick Castoria's winning team sculpted Blast Off to Mars, and the 4th-place entry was Huckleberry Finn. Greg led the 5th-place team (9). By clue 6, Mooney's Amusement Pier sponsored the Dragonflight sculptors, with the winning Blast Off to Mars team sponsored by Bad Bubby's BBQ. Tom led the Dragonflight team (2) and Chad the New York, New York sand sculptors. Greg is Patty and Art Moulder (4). The five prize-winning teams in the 2001 Sand Scupture Tournament were

  • 1st - Blast Off to Mars by the Bad Bubby's BBQ team led by Rick Castoria
  • 2nd - Dragonflight by the Mooney's Amusement Pier team led by Tom Shaver
  • 3rd - New York, New York by the Kites by Katie team led by Chad Waters
  • 4th - Huckleberry Finn by the Jolly Roger Mini-Golf team led by Art Moulder
  • 5th - Great White by the Crisfield Crab House team led by Greg Patty Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.