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 Logic Puzzle # 132 Logic Problems Help  

The Great Flying Contest
by Randall L. Whipkey

As part of the effort to make summer science class interesting, Mr. Bunsen had his students, including Carrie, pair off in girl-boy teams to design balsa airplanes. The class then flew their creations off Summerset Tor to see which plane had the greatest range. When the postcards attached to the aircraft were returned from the five towns, including Great Springs, where the planes had landed, the students learned that their designs had covered five different distances. From the flight recorder data below about the Great Flying Contest, you should be able to determine the names of each pair of designers and how far and to which town their airplane flew.

  1. Among them, the five airplanes flew a total of 30.0 miles from Summerset Tor; none of the planes covered more than 10.0 mi., with the shortest distance reached being 3.0 mi.
  2. Alexis and her partner's Pink Pelican soared 3.0 mi. farther than Daniel and his partner's Balsa Bomber.
  3. Neither of the planes that landed in Mt. Pisgah and Rancho Linda was the one built by Jeff and his partner.
  4. The aircraft that reached Hollyville traveled 1.5 mi. farther than Tony and his partner's.
  5. The plane that flew to Four Corners covered 3.0 more miles than the one designed by Brent and his partner, whose aircraft flew twice as far from Summerset Tor as Susan and her partner's creation.
  6. When he saw the florid Pink Pelican, Peter wisecracked that he was glad he wasn't one of the pair responsible for blinding everyone else.
  7. The plane that set down in Rancho Linda went 1.5 fewer miles than Leah and her partner's craft.
  8. Mia and her partner aren't the designers who received the postcard about their plane from Mt. Pisgah.
  9. Susan didn't partner with Daniel.

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