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Logic Puzzle # 131 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Paul Revere's Second Ride

By clue 1, Jonathan was one of the first three people to whom Paul Revere announced the Declaration of Independence, as were Benjamin (5) and George (9). Therefore, Patrick and Thomas were the 4th and 5th, or vice versa, men Revere met. By clue 1, if Jonathan had been the 3rd man Revere encountered, Howe would have been the 4th and the man in Maybury the 5th. One of Howe and the Maybury citizen then would have been Thomas--no (8). By clue 5, if Benjamin had been the 3rd man Revere told of Independence, the farmer would have been 4th and Gates 5th. Either the farmer or Gates then would have been Patrick--no (2). Therefore, George was the 3rd man Paul Revere met on his second ride, with the Lanyard citizen 4th and the wigmaker 5th (9). If Jonathan had been the 2nd citizen to learn Paul's news, by clue 1, the Maybury citizen would have been the 5th to hear and would have been the wigmaker, a conflict with clue 11. So, Benjamin heard of the Declaration 2nd; and Jonathan was the 1st to know. Since Patrick wasn't the farmer or Gates (2), by clue 5, the farmer was named George, and Gates must have been Thomas. Since the wigmaker wasn't a citizen of the village of Maybury (11), by clue 1, farmer George lived in Maybury, with Benjamin then Mr. Howe. By clue 4, Paul Revere announced the Declaration of Independence to the schoolmaster and then to Mr. Adams. The farmer wasn't Adams (6). Therefore, the Lanyard schoolmaster was 4th to hear the revolutionary news, and Adams was 5th. Adams was Patrick, and Thomas Gates heard the news 4th in order on Paul Revere's ride. By clue 7, Jonathan was the village miller, and Benjamin Howe lived in Westham. By elimination, Benjamin was village blacksmith. Jonathan's last name was Morgan and George's Bradford (3). By clue 10, Jonathan Morgan lived in the village of Summerset, and 5th village on the ride was Middlesex. Paul Revere's Second Ride spread the news of the Declaration of Independence in order

  • Summerset, Jonathan Morgan, miller
  • Westham, Benjamin Howe, blacksmith
  • Maybury, George Bradford, farmer
  • Lanyard, Thomas Gates, schoolmaster
  • Middlesex, Patrick Adams, wigmaker Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.