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 Logic Puzzle # 131 Logic Problems Help  

Paul Revere's Second Ride
by Randall L. Whipkey

The story of Paul Revere's Ride, in April of 1775, has been well told in the history books and the poetry of Longfellow; less known is that Mr. Revere took a second ride through the countryside on July 5, 1776, to announce the Declaration of Independence adopted in Philadelphia on July 4. On his route to Lexington, the crier on horseback charged through five villages, one of them Summerset, and shouted the news to a different man in each locale, one of them the village blacksmith. From the facts that follow about the events surrounding Paul Revere's Second Ride, you should be able to find the order in which he rode through the villages and the full name and occupation of the man in each village to whom he broke the news of Liberty.

  1. On his second ride, Paul Revere announced the Declaration of Independence to Jonathan earlier than to Mr. Howe, who heard the news before the man in the village of Maybury.
  2. Patrick, who isn't Gates, and the farmer were both captains in the militia.
  3. Mr. Bradford and the miller let out loud "huzzah"s when they got the announcement from Revere.
  4. Paul Revere broke the news to the schoolmaster in one village and then to Mr. Adams in the next village.
  5. The farmer heard about the Declaration earlier than Mr. Gates but later than Benjamin.
  6. Adams and the farmer had already fought against the Redcoats at Concord in 1775.
  7. Revere told the man in Westham about the events in Philadelphia immediately after telling the miller in the previous village about them.
  8. Thomas, who didn't reside in Maybury, and Mr. Howe joyfully spread the revolutionary news to their villages.
  9. The wigmaker learned of the Declaration later than the Lanyard citizen, who talked to Paul Revere at some point after George did.
  10. Mr. Morgan and the man from Middlesex gave the horseman money to help support liberty's cause.
  11. The village in which Paul Revere announced Independence to the wigmaker wasn't Maybury.

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