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 Logic Puzzle # 130 Logic Problems Help  

The New Flag
by Randall L. Whipkey

When the Wisdom Islands became an independent nation last month, the country held an election to choose its new flag. Four finalists selected from hundreds of submissions were put to a vote; each flag has a different emblem on a different color background, one being on yellow. From the information about the four finalists below, you should be able to find the full name of each flag designer (first names are Andrew, Clara, Mary, and Robert), the emblem and background he or she used, and which flag the citizens of the Wisdom Islands picked as their national banner.

  1. Clara's flag isn't the one with the red background, which was chosen by the voters as the Wisdom Islands flag.
  2. Pitcairn's design incorporates a Dolphin as its emblem.
  3. Easter opted for a black background.
  4. The four finalists are Mary, Robert, the person who used Clasped Hands as a theme, and the designer who picked a blue background.
  5. Clara's flag isn't the one with the Dolphin on it.
  6. Marshall's design didn't have Clasped Hands as an emblem.
  7. Solomon's background choice isn't blue.
  8. The flag with a Star as its centerpiece isn't Mr. Marshall's design.
  9. The banner with the Outrigger on it, which Andrew didn't design, wasn't selected in the popular vote as the nation's new flag.

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