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Logic Puzzle # 129 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Outer Space Circus Sideshows

By clue 1, Bobby and Teddy saw alien Ji-Dome before viewing the space oddity from New Oz; they saw the latter before having their minds read by the Teleprobe. By clue 4, the boys saw the being from Andromeda-77 immediately before they were at the sideshow featuring TuPaK, whom they paid to see before visiting the tent where the Sheebang Charmer appeared. Since Ji-Dome isn't the Sheebang Charmer and isn't from planet Andromeda-77 (7), if Bobby and Teddy saw Ji-Dome after enjoying the Andromeda-77 native's act, by clues 1 and 4, they would have seen the being from Andromeda-77 1st, TuPaK 2nd, Ji-Dome 3rd, the Sheebang Charmer from New Oz 4th, and the Teleprobe 5th. By clue 3, then, Ji-Dome would be the Walking Stick, and Kreskeno would be native to New Oz--no (6). Therefore, the boys visited the sideshow starring Ji-Dome before seeing the one with the alien from Andromeda-77. The only way for clues 1 and 4 to combine is for Bobby and Teddy to have gone into Ji-Dome's show 1st, seen the being from New Oz 2nd, had their minds read by the Andromeda-77 Teleprobe 3rd, been entertained by TuPaK 4th, and been scared at the Sheebang Charmer's show 5th. By clue 2, Bobby and Teddy saw the Transparent Man immediately before seeing the being from the world Ilegate; the Transparent Man is TuPaK, and the Sheebang Charmer is native to Ilegate. Since Kreskeno isn't from the planet New Oz (6), by clue 3, Kreskeno is the Teleprobe from Andromeda-77, and the Walking Stick is from New Oz. By elimination, Ji-Dome is the Head. By clue 8, TuPak is a native of the planet PsiReef, and Ji-Dome of Qrptn. The boys saw No Wa Ben's show 2nd and Azaliana's 5th (5). In sum, Bobby and Teddy were at the Outer Space Circus Sideshows in order:

  • Ji-Dome of Qrptn, the Head
  • No Wa Ben of New Oz, the Walking Stick
  • Kreskeno of Andromeda-77, the Teleprobe
  • TuPaK of PsiReef, the Transparent Man
  • Azaliana of Ilegate, the Sheebang Charmer Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.