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Going Up With the Stars
by Randall L. Whipkey

While riding the elevator to her room in the famous Summerset Hotel last night, Stella Starstruck was so starstruck--each of the five other guests sharing the lift is a celebrity, one being a Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner--that she rode all the way to the top floor. Can you find the full name (one first name is Jeffrey) and entertainment field of each of Stella's co-riders and on which floor he got off the elevator?

  1. Sam got off the elevator 8 floors after Davis, who got off 4 floors after the TV game show host did.
  2. The rock star got off the elevator at the stop immediately after the one where Walker got off.
  3. The network news anchor, who isn't Michael, and Batteaux totally ignored each other during the ride.
  4. Alan got off the elevator 3 floors after the stand-up comedian and 6 floors before Chase.
  5. Michael and Walker were dressed for a black-tie event.
  6. Davis isn't the rock star.
  7. The TV game show host isn't the one of the five who got off the elevator first--on the 2nd floor.
  8. Sam and Hampton both leaned against the back wall of the elevator car.
  9. Robert isn't the stand-up comedian.

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