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 Logic Puzzle # 127 Logic Problems Help  

Driver's Tests
by Randall L. Whipkey

Yesterday, Paul Plate had a rough morning in his job as a State Driving Examiner: his first five examinees, including Abigail, failed their driver's license tests. Each person failed for a different major error, with one making a right turn on red without stopping. From the driving records below, can you find the order in which Mr. Plate failed the test takers: the full name of each and why he or she did not get a license?

  1. Joel isn't the one who failed for driving too slowly, 20 m.p.h. under the speed limit, on the Parkway.
  2. Lisa and Parker were making their second attempts at obtaining licenses.
  3. Plate tested Tony immediately ahead of Turner, who immediately preceded the examinee who failed for driving too slowly.
  4. Walker's failure came immediately before that of the person who backed over the curb during the parking exam.
  5. Turner isn't the one who failed for pulling into the passing lane without looking over the shoulder for traffic.
  6. Gear directly followed Christy in the test order.
  7. Lane isn't the examinee Mr. Plate failed for not signaling a left turn.
  8. Joel, followed immediately by Lisa, failed to meet the State's standards as judged by Mr. Plate.
  9. The person who didn't look before passing failed the driver's road test immediately before Parker did.
  10. Tony and Gear both drove SUVs during the test.
  11. Christy, Lane, and Walker are all 16 years old and trying for provisional licenses.

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