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 Logic Puzzle # 126 Logic Problems Help  

Fun Pix at Foto Magik
by Randall L. Whipkey

Yesterday on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Tom and four friends visited the Foto Magik store and had computer pictures of themselves made. They didn't get simple portraits, of course: each's face was digitally transplanted onto the body of a famous person or character. From the data about their visit to Foto Magik below, can you find each teen's full name and who he became thanks to digital imagery?

  1. John picked who he wanted to be before any of the others, so he was first to have a picture made; King immediately followed John in front of the digital camera.
  2. The fourth teen to have his fantasy photo done didn't choose Oriole shortstop Cal Ripken as his "role model."
  3. Neither John nor Mark is the one who loves the image of himself as Grand Master Yoda in Star Wars.
  4. King didn't pick the President seated at his desk in the Oval Office as his portrait backdrop.
  5. Dan Ford is the one who convinced the others to go into Foto Magik.
  6. Cruise had his picture made immediately after the teen who had himself digitally "elected" President of the United States (no, there aren't any Chads in this Logic Puzzle).
  7. Neither Ash nor Walsh is the one who played himself at shortstop as future Hall-of-Famer Cal Ripken.
  8. Mark, who isn't Cruise, was the last of the five to have his computer portrait done.
  9. Rick didn't pick Cal Ripken as his "body."
  10. The teen who had himself digitally made a member of the Back Street Boys isn't Ash.
  11. The wrestling fan who now has a portrait of himself as WWF superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin isn't John.

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