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Senior Awards Night
by Randall L. Whipkey

At last week's Senior Awards Night at Summerset High School, Maureen and six fellow seniors won the seven major awards given annually to deserving graduates. With the information below, you should be able to determine the full name (one last name is Trout) of and award received by each honoree.

  1. Andy wasn't named Boys Scholar-Athlete.
  2. Chad and fellow awardees Ruiz and Stein are going to attend Summerset State University in the fall.
  3. Miss Uxley's award wasn't for Community Service.
  4. Student Council president David was honored with the Leadership Award.
  5. With a 4.0 average, senior Vandross, who isn't Andy, was named Valedictorian.
  6. Neither Lynette nor Miss Yary received the Community Service Award.
  7. The senior honored as Young Entrepreneur for launching a school-sponsored "Second Time Around" shop isn't Ruiz.
  8. The person whose work coaching children soccer earned the Community Service Award isn't Ben.
  9. Lynette, whose surname isn't Uxley, plans to major in mathematics at Summerset State.
  10. Ben will use his award money to buy books when he attends college at Morgan Institute of Technology.
  11. Andy won neither the Community Service Award nor the Technology Award.
  12. West's award wasn't as Boys Scholar-Athlete.
  13. Yary didn't receive the Technology Award.
  14. The Girls Scholar-Athlete awardee isn't Katie.

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