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Logic Puzzle # 124 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Goose's Games

By clue 7, the five Goose's Games booth attendants earned from $75 to $200 on Saturday, with no two making the same sum. By clue 1, Leann earned twice as much as Tanner, who made $25 less than the operator of "Hoop Shot." By clue 6, the operator of "Fast Ball" made twice as much as Waters. So, either all five attendants are named between the two clues, or there is some commonality. Trying the latter case, if the "Fast Ball" game were Leann's, then Tanner and Waters would have made the same amount, contradicting clue 7. If the "Fast Ball" attendant were Tanner, given that Waters made the least, $75 (7), by clues 1 and 6, Leann would have earned $300--no (7). So, the "Fast Ball" operator is the fourth to the three named in clue 1. If Waters in clue 6 were Leann in clue 1, given that Tanner made the least sum, $75 (7), the "Fast Ball" game attendant would have earned $300--no (7). If Waters were the "Hoop Shot" game operator, by clues 1 and 6, Tanner would have made the $75 minimum; any other amount would take the "Fast Ball" operator over $200, conflicting with clue 7. So, if Waters were the "Hoop Shot" attendant, Tanner would have earned $75, Waters $100, Leann $150 (1), and the "Fast Ball" operator $200 (6). By clue 4, Shell made $75 more than the "Duck Pond" attendant, who isn't Tanner. The "Duck Pond" operator can't be Leann, or Shell would have made $225; so the "Duck Pond" operator would be the fifth to the four in clues 1 and 6, who would include Shell. Shell isn't Leann, or the "Duck Pond" attendant would have earned $75 (4) and be Tanner, since Tanner made $75 and no two made the same amount; but the "Duck Pond" operator isn't Tanner (4). Shell would have made $200 running the "Fast Ball" booth, and the "Duck Pond" game would have earned its attendant $125 (4). However, there is now no way for clue 3--Shore making $25 more than the "Ring Toss" operator--to work. Therefore, Waters isn't the "Hoop Shot" attendant, and all five Boardwalk game operators are named between clues 1 and 6: Leann, Tanner, the "Hoop Shot" attendant, the "Fast Ball" operator, and Waters. If the one who runs "Fast Ball" made the most, $200 (7), and Waters made $100 (6), then Tanner would have made the least, $75 (7), and the "Hoop Shot" attendant would also have earned $100 (1), a contradiction with clue 7. So, Leann made the $200, Tanner earned $100, and the "Hoop Shot" attendant took home $125. Waters then made the $75 (7), and the "Fast Ball" operator netted $150 (6). By clue 4, Shell must be the "Fast Ball" booth attendant, and Waters runs the "Duck Pond" game. By clue 3, Shore has the "Hoop Shot" game, and Tanner operates the "Ring Toss." By elimination, Leann Sands works the "Water Clowns." By clue 5, Cindy made $50 more than Ian did. Since Ian doesn't have the "Ring Toss" game (3), Cindy must be Shore; and Ian attends the "Duck Pond." By clue 2, Jana is Tanner and Kevin Shell. The five Goose's Games attendants and the amounts they earned on Saturday are

  • "Water Clowns," Leann Sands, $200
  • "Fast Ball," Kevin Shell, $150
  • "Hoop Shot," Cindy Shore, $125
  • "Ring Toss," Jana Tanner, $100
  • "Duck Pond," Ian Waters, $75 Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.