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 Logic Puzzle # 124 Logic Problems Help  

Goose's Games
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last weekend, Goose's Games on the Boardwalk at Ocean City opened with a banner Saturday that gave a good start to the summer earnings of the five game booth attendants, including the "Water Clowns" operator. Can you win a pair of soft dice by finding the full name (one first name is Kevin, one surname Sands) of each Goose's Game attendant and how much he or she earned on Memorial Day Saturday?

  1. Leann earned twice as much money from her booth as Tanner, who made $25 less than the "Hoop Shot" attendant.
  2. Jana and Shell hope to save their tuition at Summerset State from their Goose's Games earnings.
  3. Shore made $25 more on Saturday than the "Ring Toss" attendant, who isn't Ian.
  4. The "Duck Pond" operator, who isn't Tanner, took home $75 less than Shell did.
  5. When Cindy and Ian compared earnings, Cindy had $50 more.
  6. Waters earned half as much as the "Fast Ball" game operator did on Saturday.
  7. The most any of the five made was $200 and the least $75; no two earned the same sum from Goose's Games.

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