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Name That Team
by Randall L. Whipkey

In a contest to name the new minor league baseball team in Ocean City, Dune and three other names were picked as final choices for area fans to vote on during the first month of the season. Given the clues below, can you deduce the final four suggested team names, the full name of the fan who submitted each name, and the new team name chosen by the fans and announced last evening?

  1. Seahawks isn't the final four name Fields entered.
  2. Ben, who isn't Runner, isn't the fan who made finalist status with Marlins.
  3. The three runner-up names were Blue Crabs and the names suggested by Tony and Ball.
  4. Jeff, Fields, and Runner also entered other name ideas that weren't selected as finalists.
  5. Chris, who didn't have the winning entry, isn't the fan who had the final four name Blue Crabs.
  6. Pitcher, whose name didn't win the fans' vote, isn't Tony.
  7. The name Marlins wasn't Runner's suggestion.

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