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The Tennis Tournament
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last week, Zoeller and the seven other number one seeds from Summerset County High Schools, one being Sundown High, competed in a tennis tournament to determine the county champion. The winners of the four quarterfinal matches were paired in the semifinals, with the two semifinal winners then playing for the title. Given the sportsline below, can you find each player's full name and home school and who defeated whom in each quarterfinal through final county tournament match?

  1. In one match, Hogan, who was in his third county tournament, lost to the hard server from Tidefall High, who isn't Will.
  2. Mike and the player from Highdune High play as a pair in summer events.
  3. Tony and the Greatglen High School number one have the same private tennis coach.
  4. Dan upset Watson 7-6 6-7 7-6 in one match.
  5. Pete and Woods are both lefthanders.
  6. Nicklaus played the Valleyview High number one in one tourney match.
  7. Woods isn't the player from Greatglen High School.
  8. The Highdune High number one isn't Watson.
  9. In quarterfinal matches, Brian defeated Adam Kite while the competitor from Greatglen High lost to Will.
  10. Mike and Duval frequently practice against each other at the Summerset Tennis Club.
  11. Tony lost to Watson in one tournament match.
  12. The player from Highdune High School faced Dan in one match.
  13. Tony isn't the Wildlake High number one.
  14. Will and Tony were playing in the county tournament for the first time.
  15. In the semifinal contests, Palmer overcame the Briarpatch High player, and Ray was eliminated by the Fairchance High School number one.

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