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At the Rock & Roll B & B
by Randall L. Whipkey

Last weekend, the Trumans and seven other married couples stayed at Summerset's Rock & Roll B & B, with each couple in a different one of the hostelry's eight themed rooms. The rooms, each of which is decorated with memorabilia of the '50's star for which it is named, are situated four on the 2nd floor and four on the 3rd floor, with the two front rooms on each floor having a view of Lake Haley and the two back rooms giving a view of Comets Ridge. Facing the front entrance of the B & B, the room to the left is 2A, with 2B, 2C, and 2D then going counter-clockwise from 2A; room 3A is directly above 2A, etc. Each floor has a central hall, so that room 2A is adjacent to 2B and 2D but not to 2C, 2B adjoins 2A and 2C but not 2D, etc. Given the reservations book below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Problem by determining the number and name of each of the Rock & Roll B & B's eight themed bedrooms and the full names (one husband is Jeff, one wife Alice) of the couple who stayed in each room last weekend?

  1. Dotty and her husband stayed in the room directly above the one occupied by Keith and his wife, while Mr. & Mrs. Redding had the room directly above the Fats Domino-themed bedroom.
  2. Neither Larry nor Pete is Mr. Wilson.
  3. The Jerry Lee Lewis room is adjacent to the rooms in which Glenda and her husband and the Quinns stayed.
  4. Ellen and her husband stayed in the room adjoining the Elvis Presley room on one side while Larry and his wife had the bedroom adjoining the Elvis room on the other.
  5. Mr. & Mrs. Valens occupied the room directly under the Roy Orbison room.
  6. At a party in the 1st-floor lounge Friday night, Nick and his wife Cheryl showed off their jitterbug moves.
  7. The Underwoods had room service deliver tutti frutti ice cream to their bedroom--appropriately, the Little Richard room.
  8. Larry, who isn't Saunders, and the husband who stayed in the Fats Domino room enjoyed rummaging through the Rock & Roll B & B's collection of 45s.
  9. Pete and Ellen's husband remarked on how much the faces in the inn's yearbook collection looked like those in their high school classes.
  10. The Reddings didn't stay in room 3A.
  11. Francine and Mrs. Redding both wore hoop skirts to the Friday party.
  12. Pete and his wife had a view of Lake Haley from their bedroom; their room adjoined that of Mr. & Mrs. Saunders, who liked their view of Comets Ridge.
  13. The Quinns and the Wilsons had both enjoyed the Fats Domino room during previous visits to the Rock & Roll B & B, so they booked other themed rooms last weekend.
  14. The Yardleys' room is adjacent to the Rick Nelson room.
  15. Marty and his wife had a bedroom adjoining the B & B's Sam Cooke room.
  16. Keith took Mr. Underwood for a ride in his restored 1957 Chevy on Saturday afternoon.
  17. The Wilsons occupied the themed room directly under the Buddy Holly room, while Ralph and his wife stayed in the room directly under that of Francine and her husband.
  18. Pete and his wife had neither the Elvis Presley nor the Fats Domino room.
  19. Ellen and her husband didn't stay in 3D.
  20. Larry and Francine's husband greased their hair into pseudo-duck tails for the Friday party.
  21. The couple in the Rick Nelson room enjoyed their view of Lake Haley.
  22. Dotty and her husband occupied neither the Buddy Holly nor the Little Richard room.
  23. Ike and his wife had the room directly above that of Betty and her husband.
  24. Harriet and her husband didn't have the Rick Nelson room.
  25. Ralph and Mr. Underwood remembered their high school football days over chocolate Cokes at Friday's party.

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