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Logic Puzzle # 119 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Hot Dog!

From the introduction, each of the Ballgame children had two different extras on his or her hot dog and a different kind of soda. By clue 1, three of the kids had mustard, two had ketchup, two had onions, and one each had chili, relish, and sauerkraut. By clue 5, Brent did not get mustard on his hot dog; therefore, Brent is the fourth Ballgame sibling to the three who enjoyed mustard on their dogs. By clue 2, the one who drank the Sprite did not have mustard and, by clue 8, isn't Brent. So, the child who had the Sprite is the fifth one to Brent and the three who had mustard as one of their two hot dog toppings. By clue 2, the one who had the Sprite to drink isn't one of the two who had ketchup as a condiment. Because only one of the three who had mustard could also have had ketchup, since each had two different toppings, Brent had to have ordered ketchup on his dog. By clue 9, none of the kids had a mustard and onions combination. Then the two who had onions on their hot dogs (1) must be Brent and the child who drank the Sprite. Since Andrea didn't have onions on her dog (3), she didn't have Sprite; nor did Donovan (8). In clue 10, then, where all five Ballgame children are named, the one who chose Sprite must have had a chili dog with onions. The kids who had mustard on their hot dogs then had ketchup, relish, and sauerkraut to go on each with the mustard. By clue 6, the kid who drank lemonade didn't have ketchup on his or her hot dog. In clue 10, therefore, Brent ordered the root beer. Since Erin didn't have the chili dog (4), she must be the one who drank lemonade (10). By elimination in clue 10, then, Chris had the chili and onions hot dog. The child who had sauerkraut on top his or her hot dog isn't Erin (4) and thus didn't have lemonade and didn't pick cherry Coke (7); the sauerkraut eater chased it with orange soda (yuck!). Andrea didn't have the orange soda (3); Donovan did, and Andrea had a cherry Coke. By clue 6, Andrea had ketchup and mustard on her hot dog, and Erin enjoyed relish and mustard. The five Ballgame kids had hot dogs and drinks as follows:

  • Andrea, ketchup & mustard, cherry Coke
  • Brent, ketchup & onions, root beer
  • Chris, chili & onions, Sprite
  • Donovan, sauerkraut & mustard, orange soda
  • Erin, relish & mustard, lemonade Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.