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 Logic Puzzle # 118 Logic Problems Help  

The Dranesville Diners Club Does Indian
by Randall L. Whipkey

Mr. Marceau and the three other members of the Dranesville Diners Club have dinner together on the second Tuesday of every month in a different local restaurant. Last month, the four sampled the flavorful fare at the Bombay Room, with each enjoying a different Indian specialty and each ordering a different bread to share with his fellow gourmands. Can you find each diner's full name, selected entree, and chosen bread, given the Logic Puzzle carte des clues below?

  1. The four men sat at one of the Bombay Room's square tables, with each man seated on one of the four sides; the guest who ordered Mutton Vindaloo sat directly opposite the one who picked Roti (Tandoori whole wheat bread) to share.
  2. Jack isn't the diner who chose Chemmeen Curry, a spicy shrimp dish.
  3. Wayne was seated to the immediate right of the man who enjoyed the Daal Gosht, a lamb specialty at the Bombay.
  4. Doug isn't the club member who picked Naan, a flat white bread.
  5. Casper's choice of entree wasn't the Mutton Vindaloo.
  6. Tom sat to the immediate left of the guest who ordered the Indian favorite Murgh Tikka Masala, a dish of chicken pieces in an orange sauce with a melange of spices.
  7. The man who selected the Chemmeen Curry, who didn't choose Paneer Kulcha (a cottage cheese-stuffed flat bread) to share, was seated to Casper's immediate right at the dinner.
  8. Parris, who isn't Doug, didn't decide on the Daal Gosht.
  9. The puffed, light Puri wasn't Gibson's bread choice.
  10. Tom, who didn't have the Mutton Vindaloo, isn't the diner who chose the Paneer Kulcha bread.

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