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Logic Puzzle # 117 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Lake Gontopot Camps

From the introduction, the four camps on lake Gontopot are on the due north, due south, due east, and due west sides of the lake. By clue 1, Camp Wanna-Lacka is due southwest of the camp directed by Mr. Jordan. Therefore, Camp Wanna-Lacka is on the southern shore of the lake with Jordan's camp on the eastern; or Camp Wanna-Lacka is on the western shore with Jordan's camp on the northern. Trying the first possibility, that Camp Wanna-Lacka is on the southern and Jordan's camp on the eastern side of lake Gontopot, by clue 7, the camp directed by Mrs. Shepard is northwest of Camp Booma-Lacka. Mrs. Shepard would then direct the camp on the lake's northern shore, and Camp Booma-Lacka would be in Mr. Jordan's charge--no (1, 4). So, in clue 1, Camp Wanna-Lacka is on the western shore and Mr. Jordan's camp on the northern shore of Lake Gontopot. By clue 7, Mrs. Shepard is the director of Camp Wanna-Lacka, and Camp Booma-Lacka is on the south side of the lake. Carol isn't the director of camp Booma-Lacka (10); by clue 2, therefore, Carol is Mrs. Shepard, and John's camp is on the lake's eastern edge. Rick is Mr. Jordan, and Bonnie runs Camp Booma-Lacka. Bonnie is Gates and John Olivier (9). By clue 5, Rick is director of Camp Pally-Wacka and John of Camp Wo-Is-Me. The coed camps are directly across Lake Gontopot from each other (3). Since Camp Pally-Wacka isn't a coed camp (8), Camps Wanna-Lacka and Wo-Is-Me are. Bonnie Gates runs Camp Booma-Lacka for girls (6), and Camp Pally-Wacka is a boys camp. The four camps on Lake Gontopot are

  • N - Camp Pally-Wacka, boys, Rick Jordan
  • E - Camp Wo-Is-Me, coed, John Olivier
  • S - Camp Booma-Lacka, girls, Bonnie Gates
  • W - Camp Wanna-Lacka, coed, Carol Shepard Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.