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Lake Gontopot Camps
by Randall L. Whipkey

The four summer camps on Lake Gontopot are busily preparing for the thousands of girls and boys who will enjoy a summer week in the beautiful Pocoskill Mts. The camps--one girls, one boys, and two coed--lie on the four sides of Lake Gontopot, with one on the due north, one on the due south, one on the due east, and one on the due west shore. From the clues that follow, can you find which camp sits on each side of the lake; whether it is for girls, boys, or both; and the full name of its director?

  1. Camp Wanna-Lacka lies southwest of the camp directed for the 21st year by Mr. Jordan.
  2. John's and Carol's camps are directly across Lake Gontopot from each other.
  3. The boys and girls camps face each other directly across the lake.
  4. The director of Camp Booma-Lacka is looking forward to a great first year as camp director after having served 10 years as assistant director at the camp.
  5. Rick and the director of Camp Wo-Is-Me both emphasize sports at their camps.
  6. The camp Gates has charge of isn't the boys camp.
  7. Mrs. Shepard's camp is situated northwest of Camp Booma-Lacka.
  8. Camp Pally-Wacka isn't a coed camp.
  9. Bonnie and Olivier merge their campers for a weekly campfire evening of songs, stories, and burnt hot dogs.
  10. Carol isn't in charge of Camp Booma-Lacka.

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