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Logic Puzzle # 115 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Handyman Can

From the introduction, each of the five repairs Hank Hammerwell made yesterday at Summerset Arms was on a different floor, 1st-5th, of the building. By clue 1, after fixing the leaky faucet in one apartment, Hank went up three floors to work on the Haileys' problem. Therefore, either the leaky faucet was on the 1st floor and the Haileys live on the 4th, or the leaky faucet was on the 2nd floor and the Haileys live on the 5th. By clue 5, after repairing the problem in the Waltons' apartment, Hammerwell went down a floor to his next job of putting in a new electric outlet. If the handyman had fixed the leaky faucet on the 1st floor and then the problem in the Haileys' apartment on the 4th, the Waltons would have to live on the 3rd floor and the electric outlet would have gone into an apartment on the 2nd. By clue 4, then, since the Terrys live one floor above the people with the faulty patio door lock, the Terrys would have to live on the fifth floor--no (6). So, Hank Hammerwell fixed the leaky faucet in a 2nd floor unit and the Haileys live on the 5th (1). By clue 5, the Waltons live on the floor above where Hank put the new electric outlet, and Hank went directly from the Waltons' to the unit where the new electric outlet was installed; the Waltons must live on the 4th floor, and the 3rd-floor apartment got the electrical work. By clue 4, the handyman repaired the door lock on the 1st floor, and the Terrys' apartment is on the 2nd. The Morgans' apartment is on the 1st floor (2) and the Alexanders' unit on the 3rd. By clue 3, the broken bath tile was repaired in the 5th-floor unit and the cracked window was replaced in the apartment on the 4th floor. In sum, handyman Hank Hammerwell repaired problems at Summerset Arms as follows:

  • 1st - patio door lock at the Morgans'
  • 2nd - leaky faucet at the Terrys'
  • 3rd - new electric outlet at the Alexanders'
  • 4th - cracked window at the Waltons'
  • 5th - broken bath tile at the Haileys' Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.