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Logic Puzzle # 114 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
Whip Wilson vs. the Two-Gun Gang: A Serial

From the introduction, each of episodes 1-5 ends with Whip Wilson in a cliffhanger, which he then escapes at the beginning of the next episode; and Whip catches Two-Gun Gurney in episode 6. The Two-Gun Gang member Whip catches in the first episode isn't Red River Rollo (1), Backshootin' Brophy (3), or the Perfessor (4); so Whip brings in either the Chickasaw Kid or Saguaro Sam in episode 1. If Saguaro Sam were the first villain to be caught, by clue 1, Whip would end episode 2 by riding his horse Lucille off the edge of a cliff and would capture Red River Rollo in episode 3. Since the episode in which Whip nabs Saguaro Sam does't end with Whip in a pit filled with rattlesnakes (5), episode 2 wouldn't feature the arrest of Backshootin' Brophy (3), which occurs in the episode in which Whip escapes the snake-filled pit. By clue 7, Brophy's capture isn't in the episode that ends with Whip Wilson tied to the railroad tracks or in the episode where Whip is under the falling boulder. The episode in which Whip catches Backshootin' Brophy would end with the hero trapped in a flaming cabin. By clue 6, that would be episode 4, with the rattlesnake cliffhanger ending episode 3 (3). By clue 4, then, episode 2 would tell of the Perfessor's arrest, and episode 1 would end with Whip tied to the railroad tracks. By elimination, episode 5 would show the Chickasaw Kid's arrest and would end with the boulder hurtling down on Whip--no, by clue 2. So, Saguaro Sam isn't caught in episode 1; the Chickasaw Kid is. If in clue 1 Saguaro Sam were arrested in episode 2, with Whip then riding off the cliff in 3 and Red River Rollo's nabbing in 4, by clues 3 and 5, the rattlesnake pit scene would end episode 4 and Backshootin' Brophy would be nabbed in episode 5. Episode 5 would then end with Whip trapped in the burning cabin (7)-- again no (6). So, by clue 1, Saguaro Sam is captured in episode 3, the horse-over-the-cliff cliffhanger ends episode 4, and Whip brings in Red River Rollo in episode 5. Since the snake danger doesn't end the Saguaro Smith episode (5), by clue 3, Whip is thrown into a pit of rattlesnakes at the end of the first episode, and he catches Backshootin' Brophy in the second. By elimination, the Perfessor is captured in episode 4, so Whip is tied to the railroad tracks to end episode 3 (4). By clue 7, the second episode has Whip Wilson trapped in a burning cabin. The last peril the hero escapes is the falling boulder. The six episodes of Whip Wilson Vs. the Two-Gun Gang are as follows:

  • 1: captures the Chickasaw Kid, is thrown into a rattlesnake-filled pit
  • 2: brings in Backshootin' Brophy, is trapped in a burning cabin
  • 3: nabs Saguaro Sam, is tied to the railroad tracks
  • 4: pinches the Perfessor, rides Lucille off a cliff
  • 5: arrests Red River Rollo, has a boulder hurtling his way
  • 6: finishes off Two-Gun Gurney himself Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.