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Whip Wilson vs. the Two-Gun Gang: A Serial
by Randall L. Whipkey

Next week, Home Theater Cable is treating subscribers to a new six-episode serial starring Clint Wormwood as hero Whip Wilson in action against Two-Gun Gurney and his band of outlaws. In each of the first five installments, Whip captures a different member of the Two-Gun Gang before ending the episode in cliffhanging peril caused by the remaining villain(s)--danger from which the good guy somehow escapes at the beginning of the next episode of the serial. Whip finally earns his white hat by bringing ringleader Two-Gun Gurney to justice in episode 6. From the clues that follow, you should be able to plot out episodes 1-6 of Whip Wilson Vs. the Two-Gun Gang: whom he brings in to face the judge during each episode and the cliff-hanging situation in which he finds himself at episode's end.

  1. In three consecutive episodes of the serial, Whip captures Saguaro Sam, goes over the edge of a cliff on his horse Lucille, and brings in Red River Rollo.
  2. The episode in which Whip Wilson catches the Chickasaw Kid isn't the one in which a boulder hurtles down on the unsuspecting hero.
  3. The episode in which Whip arrests Backshootin' Brophy is right after the one that ends with the hero thrown into a pit filled with rattlesnakes.
  4. One episode begins with Whip Wilson escaping being tied to the railroad tracks and continues with Whip capturing the Perfessor.
  5. The Saguaro Sam capture isn't in the same installment as the snake-filled pit cliffhanger.
  6. The escape that the hero makes just before taking in Two-Gun Gurney to face justice isn't the one from being trapped in a burning cabin.
  7. Neither the tied-to-the-railroad-tracks cliffhanger nor the bounding-boulder peril is in the same episode as the scene in which Whip sneaks up behind and nabs Backshootin' Brophy.

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