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Logic Puzzle # 113 Logic Problems Help

Logic Problem Solution:
The Dinner Party

From the introduction and by clue 1, there were four guests seated on each side left and right of the host at the head of the dinner table; on each side, the guests were seated man-woman-man-woman, with a man opposite a woman across the table. By clue 4, Tom sat between Ms. McKay and the woman who won $1,000,000 on a TV show. Mr. Nordi did not sit opposite Ms. McKay or the survival show millionaire (8), so he was on the same side of the table as they were. Nordi isn't Tom (13); Nordi then was seated in an outside chair either next to Ms. McKay or next to the $1,000,000 "I Survived" TV show winner. By clue 2, Deirdre sat between Mr. Ellison and the sculptor. So, Dierdre either sat next to Tom or on the other side of the dinner table from Tom. If Dierdre had not been on the same side of the table as Tom, she would have had to sit opposite Tom rather than Nordi, who sat in one of the outside chairs. By clue 11, Kerrie sat opposite Cooper. Since Kerrie isn't the $1,000,000 winner (14), she would be Ms. McKay, and Cooper would be a sculptor (2). Mr. Ellison would have sat opposite the millionaire winner (2). By clue 3, Betty sat opposite the inventor, but not next to the host or hostess (10); Betty would be the millionaire and Ellison the inventor. However, there is now no way for Jessica to be seated next to the internet CEO (7). So, in clue 2, Dierdre is on the same side of the table as Tom. Tom must be Ellison, and Nordi is the sculptor (2). Since Kerrie was seated opposite Mr. Cooper (11), she must also have been on the same side of the table as Tom. Kerrie isn't the woman who won $1,000,000 (14); she is McKay, and Deirdre won the million. Cooper sat directly across from Kerrie (11). Since Cooper isn't the internet company CEO (11), Jessica didn't sit next to him (7). Jessica must have been seated on the same side of the table as Cooper but in the other end chair--opposite sculptor Nordi. The internet CEO sat directly across the table from Deirdre (7). The CEO is Baye, and Deirdre is Filbert (15). Betty sat directly across from inventor Tom (3). By clue 6, Betty must be Longhouse, Cooper is a rock star, and Kerrie plays pro basketball. Roger is Baye and Jessica Gordon (12). By clue 5, Yuri is Cooper, and Betty is a U. S. Representative. By elimination, Pierre is Nordi, and Jessica is an astronaut. By clue 9, Pierre isn't seated next to Terrance Trump; and by clue 16, Jessica isn't seated to Teresa Trump's right. Therefore, Kerrie is to the host's left, next to Tom, etc.; and Yuri is to the Mr. Trump's right, next to Betty, etc. In sum, the dinner party guests sat as follows:

  • -----right--- Terrance Trump ---left-----
  • Yuri Cooper, rock star -- Kerrie McKay, pro basketball
  • Rep. Betty Longhouse -- Tom Ellison, inventor
  • Roger Baye, internet CEO -- Deirdre Filbert, "I Survived"
  • Jessica Gordon, astronaut -- Pierre Nordi, sculptor Copyright © 2000-2007 by Calvin J. Hamilton & Randall L. Whipkey. All rights reserved. Privacy Statement.